Five Perfect Herbs for Making Marinades

Five Perfect Herbs for Making Marinades

Five Perfect Herbs for Making Marinades

Today I have Five Perfect Herbs for Making Marinades.  One way to add flavor to your food is to marinade it.  The best marinades include one or a combination of flavor filled herbs that give food that you cook a burst of flavor. Just like spices, there is a great marinade for every type of meat, fish and vegetable dish that you serve. Using herbs is a great way to bring out the natural flavor of food, and using fresh herbs is the best way to enhance natural flavor. Growing your own herbs ensures that you know what is going into your food so that you will always have the healthiest option.

Use these tips to grow the best herbs to create marinades from scratch so that you can take your cooking from drab to delicious.

Five Perfect Herbs for Making Marinades


Rosemary added to a vinegar based marinade can be used on ribs, chicken and vegetables. This easy to grow herb is commonly grown as a container plant with other herbs added to the container for the best success.  If you are growing from seed or a cutting, start the plant off early so that it is able to be used in the same season. Alternately, a transplant can be added to well drained soil in full sun, with regular waterings provided.


Parsley is a main ingredient in a lot of marinades and because it is so easy to grow you can easily customize your marinades around your harvest. This herb likes to grow in moist soil for the first few weeks after the seeds have been added to the soil. Once seedlings begin to show a second set of leaves, let the soil dry between waterings, but still provide it with plenty of water.


There are several different types of mint that make great additions to marinade, especially when the food you are marinating needs a boost of flavor. Spearmint and peppermint are two of the most popular and easy to grow herbs for marinating. Always grow mint in individual containers because they are aggressive growers that will spread and jump garden beds taking root in grass, between pathway stones and among all your other plants.


Lemongrass is a less known and grown herb that most home chefs just purchase as they go, but it is very easy to grow. Lemongrass gives your meats and fish a bright, citrus flavor that you can’t get from any other herb. The lemongrass is best purchased and added to a well tilled garden bed or container filled with very semi sandy soil. Snip lemongrass blades off as you need them and use as you normally would.


Oregano gives marinades a very strong earthy flavor that combines well with other herbs, including parsley and rosemary, and spices.  For the best flavored oregano, keep it in full sun where you will have to water it liberally, but the sun will keep soil from becoming too waterlogged. Add entire blades with leaves of oregano to your marinade, or crush the leaves as you add it to the vinegar.


  1. June S. says

    (Five Perfect Herbs for Making Marinades) These all sound like some good herbs to grow for cooking different recipes. I like the mint and the rosemary the most.

  2. jalapenomamamn says

    I never thought of using herbs in marinades – going to try it.
    thanks for the post

  3. Julie Wood says

    I like all of these herbs and I would like to make these marinades because they are so much healthier! I really like the Rosemary Marinade!