October Savings Totals

I can’t believe it’s already November! This year has gone by so fast. And to think, Christmas is right around the corner. I was in CVS Thursday night and they were taking down all the Halloween stuff and putting up the all the Christmas stuff. Halloween wasn’t even over yet, boy they don’t waste anytime. They told me that all the Halloween stuff was already on Clearance for 50% off and then Sunday (tomorrow) it would go to 75% off and then next Sunday it would be 90% off. I’m waiting until tomorrow to go and get some candy for my daughters birthday party in 3 weeks. We need to fill the pinata and why not use the Clearance Halloween candy, right?

Ok, so onto my October Savings. Here are my totals:

Total OOP: $39.43
Total Saved: $705.59

Rite Aid
Total OOP: $12.51
Total Saved: $47.97

Total OOP: $5.45 (I used my ESR to pay for almost everything this month that’s how I have the low OOP).
Total Saved: $257.96
Total ESR : $55.49 (to spend next month)

Stop & Shop
Total OOP: $464.63
Total Saved: $359.05

I’m very happy with my savings for the month but my goal is to have my Stop and Shop savings be more than I spend, but not sure if and when I’ll be able to do that, but I’m trying.

How did you do this month?? Post a link below to your blog post about your monthly savings so we can all see how well you did. Make sure the link is to your savings post only not the main page of your blog.