Paid Survey Sites

Here is a list of Survey Sites that pay you for your opinion. They either pay in cash, gift cards or points that you then turn into cash, gift cards or sometimes prizes. I’ve worked with most of them and this is my opinion of them. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

A few things to remember when joining survey companies:

  1. Never pay to join a survey company. They should be paying you.
  2. Use an alternate email address when signing up. You can get free email address from gmail, yahoo, hotmail and aol.
  3. You will not get SPAM from a legitimate survey company.
  4. You will have to share personal information with them, such as your full name, address, phone number, birth date etc.
  5. If you earn over $600 from 1 company during one year they will be required to collect your social security number and send you a 1099.
  6. Earnings from surveys should be reported as earned income.
  7. You will usually receive a short survey to see if you qualify for a longer survey that will pay you.

YourCareMoments – A site that always pays cash! Registration takes less than 5 minutes, but is only completed once you verify your email via an automated message. Within 2 days of finishing your registration, you will be filling out surveys and making money! Each survey pays between 3 and 15 dollars and last just 1 to 3 minutes. Most participants average $30/month. Start sharing your healthcare experiences with YourCareMoments today! If you want to learn more, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Opinion Outpost – This is my FAVORITE survey site and it pays really well. I get survey invites from them 5-7 times a week and sometimes more. It really does depend on your demographic. But if you don’t qualify that’s OK, the more surveys you try and qualify for, the more invites you’ll get. Most times before you take a survey they will ask you a few questions to screen you for future surveys. By taking those screener survey’s. you’ll get more invites. The surveys are worth points and 10 points = $1.00. They average about $2 – $5 a survey but I’ve even received one for 170 points = $17.00. You need to have 50 points or $5.00 to cash out and they send checks or you can get an Amazon gift card and those are instant. The check usually arrives within a few weeks so that’s not bad. I’ve received several payments from them.

Opinion Outpost for Men -Get paid for drinking beer!!! This link is for men only.

MySurvey – Another favorite of mine!!! They probably send me about 1-3 invites a week and if I don’t qualify then I still get 10 points. Once you reach 1000 points you can cash in. 1000 points = $10.00 or you can choose from a list of prizes. It doesn’t take long to get there with this company. But again, if you don’t take any surveys for a while, they will stop sending you invites. You can also earn points for referring your friends and family. That’s a nice bonus too! MySurvey is always looking for mom’s of small children and I’ve even done product reviews with them where they’ve sent me a FREE product, I use it for a certain period of time and then take a survey and get paid for it too!

Nielsen Home Scan – This is just like the company that does the TV viewer surveys only this is for what you buy in stores. If you are accepted they they will send you a hand held scanner that you use at home after you shop. All you have to do is scan in each of your items as you put them away. Then once a week you submit your purchases, that’s it! And you earn depending on how much you transmit. It’s really easy.

Lightspeed – They pay you in points you can then convert into cash, gift cards or prizes. They send about 1-4 surveys a week and I qualify for a lot of them. It’s becoming one of my favorite survey sites to work with!

Ipsos – This is another site I am new too and have not cashed in just yet but they offer prizes and gift cards. It’s a great site and you can get anywhere from 1-4 surveys a week.

Valued Opinions – Another favorite. They pay you in points towards gift cards only. Once you reach $20 you can cash in for a gift card. They only have a few choices but one of them is an amazon gift card and that can be used for so many things. They send me about 1-4 surveys a week and I seem to qualify for a lot. They don’t pay a lot per survey, adds up. Their surveys are easy and interesting and not too long most of the times.

Toluna (formally Your2Cents) – I receive about 3-9 survey’s from them each week. They pay cash!! That’s always nice.

Daily Survey Panel – This site has daily surveys you can take everyday. You can keep trying until you qualify too. I also receive emails for other surveys from them, other than their daily ones. I like these but I don’t qualify very often. They pay PayPal cash or gift cards and you can cash in once you reach 200 points for PayPal but the gift cards you have to earn more points. 200 points = $1.00 paypal. I’ve cashed out many times and they send paypal within a few days.

Survey Head – They have daily surveys and sometimes a lot of them! You can either log in to check your account or just wait for them to send you emails. When you join you will get $5.00 in your account to start and you can cash out at $25.00 via paypal. I’ve been paid by them every single month since I joined. It can take a while to get to your first payment because some surveys take longer than others to be approved.

ACOP – American Consumer Opinion Panel – I love this site too. They recently changed their system and now as you take surveys, your balance remains in your account until you request a cash out. They pay cash and usually $2.00 and up per survey. Once you have $10.00 in your account you can request either a check or paypal payment. Paypal usually arrives in about 2 weeks. As easy as pie! I just finished up an $8.00 survey where we had to track our snacks for 4 days, easy! They also have monthly drawings for cash prizes that you are automatically entered in while you take a survey. I won once, I was pretty excited about that!

Survey Spot – A great site. They send me a lot of surveys every day. Some are worth money and others are for drawings. You can cash out when you hit $5.00 in your account, which is very easy and they will send you a check. I’ve made over $165 with them! After each survey you can play an instant win game. I haven’t won anything other than entries into their big drawings but I have heard of people winning so I hope I do someday!

Esearch – This is a great survey site. They will email you a survey whenever it’s available. There is no site to sign into it’s only by email. I’ve done a lot of surveys with them. Most of them are only a few dollars but once I got one worth $50 that included a free product to try as well.

HCD Surveys – I recently found this site and I have been doing surveys for them, but I haven’t cashed out yet. When you reach 1000 points you can cash in for $10.00 and you will receive a check in the mail. You also get 25 points (.25) for each person you refer.

Click IQ – I am new to this site as well but I have received a handful of surveys from them already. You earn points per survey and you need 2500 points to cash in. They have lots of profile boosters to help you get more survey offers. You can also earn 50 points by referring friends as well. Up to to 30 friends per calendar year and they pay by check or paypal.

Clear Voices – I do not get many surveys from them but I have received a few. Each survey is worth money and once you reach $10.00 you can cash out for an Amazon gift card. I am half way there so once I cash out I’ll let you know.

My View pays you in My View Dollars and once you reach $20 you can cash in. I don’t get many emails from them, but if you log into your account you will see more survey offers. They also do screener surveys at the beginning of the month to see what you may qualify for. You will find these in your account too. That’s the only thing I don’t like about My View. I want emails sent to me all the time, but they do pay so it’s worth checking the site from time to time.

E-Poll – Pays you in Points. Once you reach 3500 points you can start cashing out for gift cards. The more points the better the gift cards. You can also donate your points to different charities they have listed. I don’t get many surveys from them but eventually I’ll make it to a gift card.

My Opinion Now – I just recently came across this site so I haven’t cashed out yet but once you reach 2000 points you can begin choosing prizes. They don’t give cash but the prizes are pretty good. The more points the bigger the prize. I will let you know when I cash out the first time, but it may be a while.

Survey Savvy – I get about 1-2 surveys a week from them but when I notice I haven’t received anything in a while, I’ll go into my account, update my portrait (profile) and then I get some. You can also earn money from referrals and their referrals etc. I’ve only been paid once by them, but like I said, I don’t get many invites. Each person’s profile is different. The most I’ve been paid for one survey was $10.00. Not Bad!

Mindfield – I haven’t done too many surveys with Mindfield yet but they are a legit company.

Check back for more survey reviews, I will add to this post as I find more.

Disclosure: This is my honest review of these sites, I have not been compensated to review them. However when you join some of these sites, it helps support Koupon Karen.