SavingStar Grocery eCoupons – Accepted at CVS and Rite Aid + More!

There’s a great new coupon company called SavingStar that recently launched and makes it really easy to save on groceries.   They are eCoupons and are totally paperless. There’s nothing to clip or print since they are 100% digital! They work at over 100 chains in 24,000 stores nationwide including CVS and Rite Aid!!  It’s so simple to use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the eCoupons you like on the website or mobile app, and they are automatically linked to your store card.
  2. Use your card when you checkout and the money is added to your SavingStar account. (The savings don’t change your bill at the register and the savings are not printed on the receipt – they get deposited into your account within 7-30 days depending upon where you shop).
  3. Once your SavingStar account reaches $5 in savings, you can pick your payout from a bank account deposit, a PayPal account deposit, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to charity. More options to come!

There’s over 50 coupons on SavingStar now including Tombstone Pizza, Dannon, Clorox, Skinny Cow, Welch’s, Hidden Valley Ranch, Huggies, and more!  I used the Welch’s Grape Jelly coupon this week at CVS.  They are on sale for $2.00 each.  After the eCoupon it only cost me $1.00.  And the money is already in my account.

Check it out at .


  1. Alison F says

    Sounds great! Thanks for making us aware of this great new tool to help us save!!

  2. Rachael says

    I have $1 in my account already without even thinking about it! I bought Jelly at CVS this week, too… I hope it applies to my account soon!

  3. Narmin says

    I sighed up. Thank you!
    Can I still use a paper coupon for same item? Or is it gonna beep? Because I don’t know I am going to be able to remember what coupons I have on those cards?

    • says

      Yes you can still use a paper coupon. And remember these are NOT instant savings and will not lower your out of pocket cost. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  4. Molli says

    I was just wondering if this is a trustworthy site, I think the best option for me would be to put the money directly into my bank account but I am a little weary of sharing my info. Write me back and tell me what you think! I’m a college student so any way to save or earn an extra buck is wonderful. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Molli – Yes SavingStar is a trusted site. I’ve worked closely with the people behind this as well and have used it myself. It’s safe! Hope that helps.