Scotties Tissue Review & Giveaway (ends 2/6)

Product Name: Scotties Facial Tissue

Product Information: Introducing Scotties Facial Tissue and the 3-to-1 Tree Planting Promise. Since 2009, Scotties has put a promise to plant 3 trees for every one it uses to make its Softest Ever Facial Tissue. The parent company of Scotties facial tissues, J.D. Irving Limited, has been committed to environmentally responsible business practices for over 50 years. This is just one reason why Scotties is LIKE NO OTHER facial tissue brand.


  • Scotties combines a unique brand promise to plant 3 trees for every 1 used with the long-standing history of its parent company, J.D. Irving, Limited.
  • Scotties communicates on every box its commitment to plant 3 trees for every 1 used in making its softest ever tissues and uses 3rd party auditing to ensure compliance
  • Scotties Softest Ever tissues are chain of custody certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). To learn more visit
  • Scotties is the only major U.S. facial tissue to be linked with the Responsible Forest Project (RFP)
  • Scotties has partnered with American Forests to create SCOTTIES RELEAF U.S.A. and TREES ROCK! In an effort to promote urban tree planting initiatives in the United States
  • J.D. Irving has planted over 800 million trees in the last 50 years

My Thoughts:: I absolutely love a nice soft tissue and Scotties is one of my go-to tissues.  And I love that they are planting 3 trees for every 1 they cut down. That is an awesome way to keep things going.

When my family is sick and blowing their noses a lot, I want to give them a tissue that isn’t going to hurt their noses after a while. Let’s face it, mom’s will do anything to keep their kids happy. So if a tissue isn’t going to work, then I can’t have it around when they are sick. I talk about deals and getting the best price on everything but sometimes you have to sacrifice price for quality. I’m not saying that Scotties are expensive, because I think they have a price point that is very competitive to the rest out there, but if you need a tissue and you want something soft, then Scotties is a good one to try – even if it’s not on sale. Those are the sacrifices that I will make sometimes even if I have to spend a little more. How to avoid this? Stock up on Scotties tissues when you have a coupon and find a sale. Then you don’t have to worry about it.

Another thing I want to point out about what I love about Scotties tissues – the boxes. They have some really cool designs to the boxes and I love have a cute box on display in the bathroom and even in the family room. We have tissues in just about every room in my house and with the variety of designs they have, I can find one that looks good in every room.   And the boxes are so cute, you can recycle them! My youngest daughter’s school asks for boxes for craft projects, but we use them at home too. The girls sometimes decorate them with stickers, we paint them and glue all sorts of things on them and then use them to sort small toys and hair clips. Sometimes I cut the top off, sometimes I don’t. But some of the cute designs we’ve left as is since they don’t need anything else.

When our Scotties tissue boxes arrived, my 4 year old was all excited just thinking about what we could do with the pretty boxes!

(3) Koupon Karen reader will each win 16 assorted boxes of Scotties worth $25!

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