Survey Site: Ipsos Survey Panel & Quick Update

I haven’t talked much about Ipsos I-Say yet so I wanted to tell you a bit about it. I’m still new with them and haven’t done too much but they have some good surveys. Most of them aren’t too long but they tell you before hand how long it will take so if you don’t have the time you can pass it up. The only thing is there aren’t too many paying surveys but each one you do take, you earn points that can be cashed in for something. You also get a chance to win some instant prizes. I’ve heard of people winning like with Survey Spot, but I haven’t won yet. I’ll let you know when I do! But these are real surveys that they want to know your opinion about. It’s good to have a say in a product and I especially love the ones that are about new concepts that the company is putting together for a product. It’s funny because with all the surveys I’ve taken this past year, from time to time I will come across something I did a survey on and it’s cool knowing I had input in that.

So if you are looking for another good survey site Ipsos i-say is for you. And if you win a prize from them, let me know!

Just to mention another survey site that also has an instant win game besides Survey Spot is Opinion Outpost. They are my favorite site and after every survey you take (they are all paying surveys) you get a chance to win $50 instantly. This is something new they started recently. I’ll let you know when I win it.

You would think that this time of the year, with the Holidays right around the corner, that the survey companies wouldn’t be sending out so many surveys, but it’s the complete opposite. I’ve received so many over the last week, but today alone I got 3 survey invites from MySurvey. One of them I didn’t qualify for so I only got 10 points, another one I did qualify for and I earned 250 points and the third one was about a product that they are going to send me to use for 2 weeks. I love those! I have 800 points in my MySurvey account and I only need 200 more to cash out for another $10. It’s such easy money too! I also got a $7.00 survey from Opinion Outpost this weekend and qualified for that. I need to cash in my account with Opinion Outpost soon, I have about $16.00 now. So don’t think that it’s slowing down, they are still coming just as strong as any other month.