Survey Sites – Valued Opinions & Daily Survey Panel

Valued Opinions is a great survey site. I get about 3-5 emails a week to see if I qualify for surveys. Again, I don’t qualify for each one, but everyone is different. The surveys are easy and usually pretty short and well worth the time. For each survey you complete, you will receive a reward, typically between $2 and $5 and up to $50. The email will tell you before hand how much and how long it should take you to complete the survey. Once your account reaches $20 you will be able to redeem your reward in the form of a gift certificate.

Daily Survey Panel is another great survey site. They will send you an email every day to remind you to take the daily surveys but you won’t always qualify. There are hundreds of surveys in rotation so if you don’t qualify for the first one, just keep on trying till you do, or there are no more available for the day. They pay you in points that you can redeem for PayPal or Gift Certificates. 200 points is equal to $1.00 PayPal.

Any questions, feel free to email me!