Survey Sites

Here are a few more survey sites I’ve done surveys with. Remember, some survey sites you earn points for that can be converted to either cash or gift cards. The gift cards would make great Christmas gifts, you don’t have to use them yourself. A lot of them also pay through paypal so you’ll need a paypal account. And others enter you into drawings for cash. I haven’t won anything yet and I seldom take the time to do those surveys, but when I have time I complete them if they are not time consuming hoping that one day I’ll win the cash!

  1. Survey Exchange – They pay you in points and then you convert to cash. Even if you don’t qualify, they still give you a few points.
  2. American Consumer Opinion – This one is great because if you qualify and complete a paid survey they automatically send you out a check within so many weeks. It’s nice to get that surprise check in the mail that you didn’t remember. I tend to get about 6-10 survey emails a month. Again, I don’t always qualify but everyone’s background is different. They tend to send out a lot of pre-qualification emails to see if you qualify for an upcoming survey too.
  3. My Survey – I just started doing surveys for them about 2 weeks ago and I’ve received about 5 invites a week. The points aren’t that high, but they do add up and you get points for referrals so that can help too. They offer cash rewards, donations or prizes.
  4. Global Survey – This will hook you up with other company’s too.

If you have any questions about any of these let me know because I am a member of all of them.