Survey Spot – You really can win prizes too!!!

I’ve been taking surveys with Survey Spot for a while now and I do like them and they pay cash. I’ve made $126.00 so far. If you are not familiar with Survey Spot, you take surveys (real surveys where they want your opinion) and you will either get paid or you receive an entry into a $25,000 sweepstakes or you can be an instant winner of a prize that my be a $100 gift card. When you receive an email survey invite, it will tell you if you will be paid for that particular survey, or if it’s just for a chance to win a prize. I get a lot of survey invites each week from them and so many other companies, so I normally don’t go crazy to take the surveys that don’t offer a cash incentive. But that’s just me. Well that has changed!

The other day I was looking around Hot Coupon World and I saw a post that I found very interesting and exciting. This one gal actually won the instant win game!! After each survey you take, even if you don’t qualify, you get a chance at an instant win game of either a scratch off ticket or a slot machine. If you match 3 like amounts (which you always do, I believe) then you win a prize. Most of the prizes are just entries into the $25,000 grand prize but it says there are other prizes such as a Video Prize, Electronics Prize or Music Prize. I wasn’t sure if anyone ever really won these but I guess they do.

This gal won the Video Prize and they sent her a $100 Amazon Gift Card!! You can read her post HERE. A few people commented that they have also won prizes from Survey Spot. One person said they won twice – a $25 American Express Gift Card and a $50 Circut City gift card. Another one said she won $100 paypal and received it pretty quickly.

So needless to say, after reading that yesterday I have been doing all the Survey Spot surveys I can get my hands on. After you finish a survey, you can look to see if there are anymore available. After a while there aren’t anymore left but if you click on the link in the original email, sometimes they will offer you another survey. If you have time, it’s worth it to go through them. Most of the surveys that Survey Spot has are really quick anywhere from 2 mins to 15 mins. And sometimes you even get an opportunity to receive a free product to try out at home. That’s always nice.

You can cash out your account when you earn at least $5.00 and sometimes that can happen really fast.

I’ll let you know when I win (I’m trying to be positive about it) and if you win let me know. I’d love to hear what you get!!


  1. Carey says

    I used to be a member of SurveySpot, and would receive tons of surveys from them. They were definitely my favorite survey site. Then I changed email addresses. I updated my SurveySpot account with the new email address… and never received another survey again! I even emailed their customer service to ask what the problem was, but no one ever responded. I kinda miss them!

  2. Karen says

    Carey the same thing happened to me and I believe when I updated my email address they started coming again, but I’m not exactly sure how it happened. I’m surprised no one responded to your email. Maybe if you try to sign up again it will tell you to reactivate your account?? I know other survey sites do that. Maybe that’s what I did, I really don’t remember it was a while ago. Let me know if you have any luck.

  3. Anissa says

    i won a $25 gc to last year, playing the slot game:) I’ve also received $40 a pop for doing an online focus group!