Surveys – Survey Savvy

Another survey site I do surveys for is Survey Savvy
I don’t get to many invites from them but from time to time I’ll find one in my email. They pay cash and there is no minimum to cash out. You can also earn money when you refer your friends. Just make sure you fill out your portraits (profiles) so you’ll get invited to surveys that fit you better.A lot of these sites don’t pay big dollars, this isn’t a get rich quick idea, but the little amounts add up and if your saving for something particular, it will help. Plus it’s your chance to give your opinions. Some of these company’s even send you free products to try out, so you never know what you might get.

I find that a lot of them don’t pay cash, but instead enter you into a monthly drawing for cash. I haven’t won anything yet, but maybe someday I will. You never know. $1000 cash prize for giving my opinion (that I know will help somehow) is worth my time.