3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruits This Summer

Get Kids to eat more fruits this summer

Summer is a time where fun is supposed to happen. However, kids seem to think their parents are MEAN for making them eat fruits and vegetables. Some kids just avoid eating fruit and will not consume it no matter how hard you try. With fruit being expensive, you need a few tricks up your sleeve to get your kids to eat more fruits this summer:

Parents need to eat more fruits

How many of you know kids that will eat fruits while their parents are consuming ice cream? Not too many! If you want your kids to eat more fruit this summer, then it’s time for you to get on the fruit eating bandwagon. Make it fun for your whole family and create a challenge. Challenge your entire family to try at least one new fruit a week. Think of the fun and memories you will create with your family with this activity.

Make it look fun

When a child/teen looks at a fruit it doesn’t always look too appealing. Dive into your creative side and make the fruit look more appealing. When you walk down the fruit aisle, doesn’t some of the fruit look amazing because it’s already cut and prepared? Take the time to cut up the fruit and serve it to your family. You can even make fun shapes and faces out of the fruit you buy! Have fun with it and your kids will too.

Encourage them to try new foods

Sometimes kids don’t try new foods because we do not encourage it. Humans are a creature of habit, so naturally kids will stick with eating foods that they are familiar with. Make sure you take initiative to put out fruits during the summer. You might be wondering why eating fruit is even important. Fruit can help keep your kids hydrated during the hot days, gives the body incredible energy, and will help your body create regular healthy habits. Use these tips to help yours kids eat more fruits this summer.

Share some tips that have worked for you in the comments.   I’d love to hear them!


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    I actually have the opposite problem. I need to hide my servings of fruits and vegetables from my kids because they will eat them on me. I also have to hide some of what I buy because they will eat it all at once then complain because it is all gone after the first day. We have had fights at the dinner table over who was going to get the last brussel sprout.

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    I do all the things you are supposed to do to encourage fruit eating. The youngest, not a prob. The oldest. . . my trick with her is if she eats her servings of fruit and veg for the day, she gets a small piece of dark chocolate (a hershey’s kiss for example). Bribery = success when all else fails. : )