9 Cinderella Coloring Sheets

9 Cinderella Coloring Sheets

Did you see the new Cinderella yet?  We saw it last weekend and the girls and I loved it!  It’s a great movie for the entire family with an awesome message for everyone, not just the kids.  See it soon, you’ll love it!

Here are 9 Cinderella Coloring Sheets that were inspired by the movie for the kids.  Perfect for a rainy day!

Cinderella Trailer


  1. Julie Wood says

    We saw this new movie and think it is so good! I have printed out some coloring sheets for my niece and she will use them when she comes over. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maralea says

    My granddaughter seen Cinderella the other day and enjoyed it. She will love these coloring sheets. Thank you!

  3. nicole dziedzic says

    I will be watching my niece this week so these coloring sheets are perfect for her, new ones I can hang on the fridge.