How to Use Accent Lighting in the Home

Accent Lighting in Your Home

You might think you don’t pay much attention to lighting, but you do, we all do. Lighting affects our mood and how we interpret space. Think about some of the establishments you have visited. In your memory, does the lighting look the same? Probably not. Let’s use a gambling … [Read more...]

Feel Super With More Superfoods in Your Diet

It might be tempting to think that the latest buzz around superfoods is mere hype. However, there’s plenty of science to back up why these foods are getting so much attention recently. Packed with nutritional benefits, such as above-average amounts of certain critical vitamins, … [Read more...]

Things to do after hitting a parked car

Accidents happen and many of them involve parked vehicles. According to data analyzed in a 2009 Allstate Insurance study, 69 percent of hit and run accidents in the U.S. involve parked cars. Being involved in an accident isn’t a crime. You commit a crime when you leave the scene … [Read more...]

Fried Ice Cream Summer Dessert Recipe


This year for some reason my pool would not clear up.  No matter how many times I tested the water and added what I was told to add, it was still cloudy.  Part of the problem in the beginning I'm sure was the fact that it needed a really good vacuuming.  But with it being so … [Read more...]