Tips for Growing Basil {One of my Favorite Herbs}

Tips for Growing Basil {One of my Favorite Herbs}

I will be starting my garden soon and of course I am growing basil – it’s my favorite herb!  My friend and I are working on the garden together again this year because she doesn’t have a good place in her yard for one, and I have plenty of room.  I have two raised garden beds and we both grew a bunch of things from seeds.

A popular herb we all use especially if cooking Italian is Ocimum basilicum commonly known as basil.  Originating from the mint family it is also known as Saint Joseph’s Wort.  The type of basil used in Italian dishes is known as sweet basil.

One of my favorite things to grow is Basil.  I love basil when it’s fresh use it on so many things.   We always grow Basil and have great luck with it!  If growing Basil is new to you, here are a few things you may want to know before you start.

Sweet basil has inch-long, oval-pointed, dark green leaves and a clove-pepperish odor and taste.

Tips for Growing Basil

Basil can be grown indoors or out, growing as a small bushy plant reaching 12-24 inches in height.  Basil is an annual and growth of plant varies in the outdoors depending on climate and type of basil.

  1. When planning basil in the garden, it should be planted with tomatoes as it helps to overcome both insects and disease.  Basil also repels flies and mosquitoes!

  2. Cultivation requirements for growing basil are full sun light for at least 5 hours, a well-drained, nutrient rich, slightly acidic soil and frequent watering.

  3. An important thing to remember is to not let basil bloom, or it will go to seed.  Simply pinch off the plant tops and the basil will continue growing as compact little bushes.

  4. Check your basil plant regularly for insects and if you happen to find an infestation, spray with a soap and water solution.  This will rid the basil of the infestation and allow you to safely consume it.

5. Basil can be easily be brought indoors at the end of the growing season.    If choosing to bring basil indoors for the winter ensure you dig them out of the garden and pot them up in fresh potting soil before the first frost.  Basil can also be grown in pots outdoors and then brought in before the first frost.   When bringing them inside try to provide the same conditions they need to continue growing, especially sunlight.   I’m going to try this at the end of the summer.  I just need to find an area in my house that will get sunlight everyday through the winter.

Now you are well on your way to Growing Basil!  All you need are a few seeds, a little time and a lot of sunlight!

Do you have any other  Tips for Growing Basil?


  1. Sue Hull says

    I don’t eat basil but I know my brother-in-law uses it in recipes. It’s so pretty. Good tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Trish says

    Wonderful tips. I grew Basil last year on my balcony. Starting from seed and tiny plants this year. I can not wait !!! I love Basil in all sorts of dishes, salads, smoothies, and more. Ooooo! and after exploring more, I noticed you have recipes in your post 8 ways to use Basil. They look so Yummy! 😉

  3. Paula says

    We put fresh basil leaves under the skin of our Thanksgiving turkey. It was so awesome tasting. Will do it every year from now on!