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Whether you have undersized shoes, bras you are struggling to hide the straps, or you are fixing gaps between buttons, the following fashion hacks can help you tweak your clothes for a better fit. 

1. Making a Bra Strapless

You can make your bra strapless by hiding the straps. Slip the straps off the shoulders and tuck each strap into the side of the bra. You can then secure the cup tops. Here 

2. Embellishing the Shoes

You can make your shoes more appealing by attaching decorative items such as pearls or rhinestones to the front and back of the shoes with a clip. However, you need to ensure the embellishment you choose complements the style of your shoes.

3. Removing Bad Smell From Your Jeans

You can remove the bad smell from your jeans by placing them in a zipper bag and then in a freezer overnight. This helps get rid of all odor-causing bacteria.

4. Extending the Waist

Having problems buttoning your trousers? Loop an elastic hair band around your pants button, through the buttonhole, and back over the button to keep your pants secure.

5. Stretching Small Shoes

Fill resealable plastic bags with water until they’re about two-thirds full. Place the bags inside the shoes and put the shoes in the freezer overnight. The water will expand and stretch the shoes. 

6. Removing Sweater Pills

You can remove pills from your sweater by laying them on a flat surface and then using a disposable razor to get rid of them. Put the sweater in a zipper bag and then in a freezer for a few hours to prevent further pills.

7. Slimming the Blouses

Do you have a baggy blouse? You can create a fitting look by wearing a tank top between the blouse and a fitting sweater to slim the midsection and hide the bunched-up fabric.

8. Fixing Gaps Between Two Buttons

If your blouse has large gaps from one button to the other, here’s how to fix it. Simply stick a two-sided tape in the gap to seal it. Remove the tape before putting it in the washing machine to prevent the sticky residue from remaining on your blouse.

9. Removing Leather Scratches

You can remove scratches on your leather boots or purses by gently rubbing a leather conditioner on the scratched area. Use a heavy-duty moisturizer, such as beeswax or carnauba wax, for deeper scratches.

10. Hanging on Double Hangers

Running out of closet space? Get the double clothes hangers that hold two clothing items on one hanger. This simple hack offers the following benefits. 

  • Helps save on space 
  • Allows you to organize your clothes by type or color
  • Improves airflow around the clothes

Related Questions

Can I Use a Steamer to Remove Wrinkles on My Clothes?

Yes, you can use a steamer to remove wrinkles from your clothes since steam penetrates the fabric and loosens the fibers, which makes the wrinkles fall out. 

How Can I Fix a Pokey Underwire in a Bra?

Use moleskin to create a cushion for the underwire channel. Line the inside of the underwire with it to provide a barrier between the underwire and your skin.

How Can I Remove the Deodorant Stain on My Blouse?

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a bowl and then dip a cloth in the mixture and blot the stain until it is gone. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you have undersized shoes, bras you are struggling to hide the straps, or you are fixing gaps between buttons, the above 10 fashion hacks every woman should know details of how you can tweak your clothes for a better fit.