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If you’ve been wanting to try Peapod Grocery Delivery service from Stop and Shop, you may want to do it before this month is over. Because now through the end of the month you’ll receive $10 Off Your First Order at Just use coupon code PPOD10 at check out. I’ve been wanting to use this but they don’t deliver to my house. I think it’s very helpful during the extremely cold months or when my husband is traveling so I don’t have to lug both kids to the grocery store. There is a small fee but when you think of the time and money you spend on gas, I think it’s worth it.

PLUS – You’ll get FREE Delivery on your orders for 60 days after your first order.  That right there may make it worth it.

If you’ve never used Peapod before you may not know that they bring the bags into the house for you and set them on the counter. How nice is that! You can even use coupons on your purchase. You just hand them to the driver when they deliver your food and you will receive a credit that will be applied to your credit card which you used for payment.  If the coupons total under $1.00 then you’ll receive a credit towards your next purchase. They also have most of the same sale prices that you’ll get a the store. They only prices that may be different is what’s on the front of the sales ad because those are sometimes regional. But they don’t jack up the prices just because it’s delivery.

Peapod is also great for those big purchases like dog food, cat litter, paper towels and toilet paper. Then you don’t have to haul them in and out of the car yourself.  And if you can pick certain time frames for delivery then they will give you a discount of your purchase.  That’s nice too!