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The prospect of leaving children to return to work is challenging for many women. But many lack the financial resources to remain at home with their children. In order to make ends meet while still caring for their family, they are forced to look for new sources of income.

Whether they have one child or 10, stay-at-home moms often wish they could earn a little additional money while their children are still at home. The following is a list of 15 ways to boost your monthly revenue.

1. Blog About Your Experiences

The United States alone has more than 30 million bloggers. The market may appear oversaturated, but readers are continuously in search of fresh viewpoints.

Earning money from your blog via advertising or sponsorship will require some time and effort. Quality content and a large readership are important considerations for businesses when selecting a blog.

As a blogger, you’ll need to build and hone your voice to stand out. However, the end effect is a dedicated readership that returns to your site time and time again for the content they can’t get elsewhere.

2. Learn How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant

One of the most acceptable occupations for stay-at-home mothers is as a virtual assistant. With the organizational skills and attention to detail gained as a parent, you will be a great VA.

VAs on a contract basis are regularly sought after. Entrepreneurs and business people who need help scheduling their calls and meetings and bringing order to their work.

 3. Online Tutoring

Online schooling has spread to the average household in the last few years. Your degree, expertise, and skillset may all be used to produce online classes.

You may do it all at no cost to top it all off. Depending on the size of your class, you may just need Google Meets, Zoom, or something similar (or another free video calling service). That’s all there is to it!

4. Become a Freelance Writer

As opposed to running a blog, Freelance writing is an excellent way to put your talents to use while also making money right away. Freelance writing may be done in a variety of ways. You may write a book, a screenplay, an essay, or even become a copywriter if you’re willing to put in the work!

Everywhere you look, there’s a lot of textual stuff, from billboards to social media. People that can communicate effectively are constantly sought after by brands. Freelance writing may be right up your alley if you excel at this.

5. Create Content for Social Media

Creating content for social media may be one of the most fulfilling occupations for stay-at-home moms if done correctly. The need for social media branding is undeniable, as many companies want to reflect their brand’s personality and character online.

One of the most alluring aspects of this is that you have complete control over the kind of material you produce. An audience exists for anyone, including rocket science.

There is a market for those who like cooking. As a biker mom, you have a following. An audience exists for the material that you make with your children. Just take a look at Chef Kobe’s social media accounts; he and his parents are doing rather well.

6. Proofread Written Work 

 Non-native writers may be apprehensive about using a second language. Others may simply need a second perspective on their work. It’s here that a professional proofreader comes in handy. As a proofreader, you inform your clients whether their writing is clear and concise.

As a “test audience,” consider yourself to be an impartial observer. Give your approval (or disapproval) for a piece of writing and provide suggestions for improvements.

7. Start Your Own Home-Based Business

Starting a home-based company might be a good option if you’re an innovative kind. Owning and operating a company is a full-time job in and of itself. This is because you should start small and be aware of the time limits. For instance, Amazon’s 8 Blade Food Chopper deal gives you a 50% discount on this Vegetable Chopper so that you can resell it for more money on eBay.With this option, you have a lot of control over the final product. When you establish your own company, you decide how much time and effort you put into it. Even when the kids are sleeping, you may start making cakes and pastries and start your own bakery company.

Running a small company needs a constant supply of motivation. There will be failures, but you owe yourself to offer yourself the best of both worlds if you are committed to this enterprise.

8. Babysit Children

As a stay-at-home mum, one of the simplest ways to earn money is to babysit children. As a parent, you should be able to utilize your own experiences with your children to help others, right?

Taking care of more than one kid may quickly become a full-time job. The process of establishing trust and forming bonds will take time and have its ups and downs. The situation might grow much more confusing if you’re babysitting at home. Your children and the youngsters you’re babysitting may or may not get along.

But if you appreciate the day-to-day duties of motherhood, babysitting may be a viable option.

9. Work As a Data Entry Specialist 

If you’re a fan of Excel, freelance data entry might be a good fit. A lot of people are interested in Excel tips, tricks and hacks, and for a good reason. Most folks have no idea how to get the most out of these programs. Getting to know some of the starting tools might offer you an advantage and help you build your reputation.

Solopreneurs may find this software particularly challenging. Data input may make things even more difficult when it comes to running a company. What better way to aid solopreneurs than to put your spreadsheet skills to use?

10. For Smaller Brands, You May Edit Photos and Videos

Most people around the globe have access to a picture or video editor. How? Basic photo and video editing capabilities are included on the majority of smartphones. You don’t have to use Photoshop or the other huge non-linear editors, but they’re still the industry standard.

You should be prepared to create social media posts and simple graphics on your phone for your client. You can also sell your services on a place like Fiverr. You may monetize your knowledge of premium editors by spending a little money on them and spending some time learning them.

As stay-at-home mom careers go, this one may be rather lucrative. If you’re a parent, it may be fun to show off your ideas and revisions online (and to your kids).

11. Become a Dog Walker

You probably like to take your child on a walk in the city in the stroller.

It’s possible to gain extra money by walking the neighbor’s dog along. You may make up to $17.50 for each stroll if you use this method of earning money.

12. Call Center

Customer support positions are in increasing demand on the internet. Working in customer service may be ideal for you if you like interacting with others over the phone or online. Online customer care jobs allow you to work from the comfort of your own home while wearing your pajamas.

Apple and Uhaul often hire remote customer service providers. Many other organizations are following suit. Although most jobs are seasonal, these occupations might lead to full-time work from home opportunities.

13. Online Survey

There are several ways to make money online, including filling out online surveys.

Filling out online surveys is a fast and simple method to generate money while you’re at home. Companies pay for surveys and product testing. Toluna, Enlighten, Survey Compare, and so on are only a few platforms that offer these services.

14.Sign up to be a Mystery Shopper

Another way that may earn you money while staying at home with your kids is being a “mystery shopper.”

While you won’t be making a fortune from this, you’ll receive a lot of great benefits in the process. To provide one example, you may save 65% on a pair of two Multi USB Charging Cables, including cables for Micro USB, Type C, and iPhones. 

As a mystery shopper, you may receive the following benefits for free in exchange for your reviews:

  • You may get free meals at a restaurant.
  • Your kid will get a free pair of Chaco sandals as a thank you from me.
  • Dry cleaning is provided at no cost.

And you get paid to do what you love?! Hello! Is this your dream job?

15. Website Testing

Provide comments on new websites if you’re interested in making money while staying at home with your children.

Companies that have a presence online are often searching for input from real customers about their website design and functionality. And they’ll pay you up to $30 an hour for it!


It’s the never-ending battle of being a stay-at-home mom. Having a job is important, but you don’t want to leave your children in a childcare center. There are numerous milestones in your child’s life that you want to be able to watch from the sidelines, but you don’t want to burden your spouse with all of the financial responsibility.

Many options and methods to make money are available, and we’ve grouped them above so that you can easily locate what works best for you.