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Believe it or not, it’s Back To School time.  One of the most important things for our morning, is getting a good picture.  A kid’s first day of school is something every parent wants to remember for every grade. Follow the links below to see some super cute photo ideas we adored!

15 First Day of School Photo Ideas

Today’s Parent | Take a Picture with the Bus in the Background!

The Suburban Mom | Take a picture of them on their first day of school and in an editing program, add some things on to the photo that they currently love.  For example, their favorite food or animal. Great memories!

Saving Toward a Better Life | Have them wear a huge t-shirt and every year have them put the same shirt on for their first day of school and make a cute photo collage.

Today’s Parent | Have them hold a “Stop Crying, Mom” sign!

A Grand Life | Have them help you write something fun on the sidewalk with chalk and then have them lay next to it while you take the photo from above.

Mommy Upgrade | Get or make a large photo frame that says “First day of School” and have them hold it up so their face is framed.

Confetti Sunshine | Have them hold a balloon that has the current year and their grade that says “First day of School.”

Harvard Homemaker | A quick first day of school photo idea is having them hold up fingers indicating what grade they’re starting.

Flickr | For more than one child, line them up by height.

Nest of Posies | Snap a photo on their first day of school and for that same grade, snap a photo of the last day and display them side by side as a comparison!

Just Us Four | Use a chalk board shaped like a talking bubble and write funny things on it.  Have them hold the chalkboard near their head while you take hilarious first day of school photos.

Simmworks Family Blog | Make your own first day of school sign! Have them pose with it in whatever way you find fitting for this first day of school memory.

Southern Charm Portraits | Go all out and do a photo shoot that you can turn in to a collage. These pictures can include mock school setups or whatever you like to commemorate that first day.

Heather Nan Photography | Take a picture of them on their first day standing in the school hallway, walking in to the door for the first time, getting on and off the bus for the first time, etc. and make a collage out of it.

She’s Making Cards | Have them hold a frame containing a photo from their last first day of school.

Which one of these First Day of School photo ideas do you like best?