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Having an aquarium at home can help to create a relaxing environment in your own living room and can even keep you stress-free. In fact, interacting with fish in an aquarium was proven to be potentially beneficial to human well-being, according to The U.S National Library of Medicine. A family aquarium also offers other benefits since it is a fun project for the family and kids as they get to learn about marine life and also learn how to take care of a pet fish. However, setting up a family aquarium can be a bit challenging especially if you have no idea how to set one or haven’t done enough research on it. Here are 3 basic tips to help you set up the best family aquarium.

Choosing A Fish Tank

When it comes to choosing a fish tank, you may have to consider the shape and size. Your fish tank should be small enough for you to keep an eye on it, but large enough so that your fish can have room to swim. Fish tanks should not be more than five feet wide for the best result. Along with the size of the tank, the aquarium can vary in shape and color too, so it is important to think about it. Round tanks are especially good for goldfish because they have a tendency to overpopulate their surroundings. When it comes to filling the tank, a mixture of distilled water and tap water has been found to be the best combination for your fish. Distilled water, from companies like Golyath, is germ, bacteria, and chlorine-free, so ideal for use in the aquarium. Mixing this with a little tap water then adds the essential minerals needed and also helps to buffer ph.

Setting The Right Fish Tank Decorations

When it comes to deciding the fish tank decorations, make sure to do research to find out what type of habitat your fish like and decorate accordingly. You should, consider that fish needs a natural structure that will make them feel safe and comfortable.  Try going for a natural effect by using rock work and live plants that are easily maintained and beginner-friendly like the amazon sword plants or java moss plant. It is also worth noting that fish tank plants help to add aesthetics and create an appealing ecosystem inside the tank.

Choosing The Right Fish

Choosing the right fish can sometimes be challenging. It is vital that you take your time and carefully research all your options. It is always advised to remember to choose the right fish that will be compatible with the other fish in the tank, you can either decide if you want to keep goldfish, koi, or both. However, Goldfish have a much faster swimming rate and are more friendly and easier to care for than koi fish.

Owning a family aquarium can be a bit challenging, especially when it comes to setting and maintaining it. It is vital that you take your time and carefully research before you set one up. Remember having a fish as a pet is rather beneficial, the only catch is that it will need more love, attention, and commitment.