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There’s a lot for companies to think about when they are preparing to install commercial bathrooms. There need to be adequate facilities for the number of people that will be using them, and in addition, there are considerations such as budget, style, and decor.

It may be that you are researching this very subject at the moment for your company. One important aspect to cover is the issue of toilet partitions. If it’s not something you’ve paid much attention to or you don’t see a need for them, read on: this article will furnish you with 4 reasons why you should have them.


What Is A Toilet Partition?

Toilet partitions can be an essential part of commercial bathrooms. In addition to making the bathroom look appealing, they can also help you expand your space and conserve water in restrooms with multiple toilets or sinks.

Partitions come in a variety of styles that fit any restroom setting, including:

  • Standard half-height walls for one toilet/sink configuration
  • Full height walls between two separate toilets
  • Wall-mounted screens can allow privacy but can still let the light pass through. This way, people don’t feel closed off from others when using the restroom during peak hours.

Partitions are affordable investments that save you from needing to install individual bathrooms as your staff, visitors, and customers increase. They can enhance peoples’ experience by making the bathroom more comfortable and accessible for patrons. In turn, they will feel more welcome.


To Improve Appearance

Toilet partitions are not just about improved functionality and convenience – you can make them aesthetically pleasing, too. Any company will want to maintain its image and this is one way that they can do it. Partitions can be made to fit any design choice. They often come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures that blend in with the existing decor. You can install them to add a sense of style and taste to your establishment while you work within your budget.

You may wish to search the internet for product reviews and specialist bathroom websites. You can find toilet partitions that are powder-coated, solid plastic, or stainless steel. It’s often possible to view the different product descriptions and photos, choose the colors (including anti-graffiti) and gain quick delivery. Thanks to the internet it’s no longer a headache when it comes to getting quotes and submitting orders, and there may even be lift gates included with every partition.

To Provide Protection

Toilet partitions can protect you from the immediate environment. They keep other workers or visitors at a safe distance, preserving your dignity in the process. You can be set apart from unwanted odors, smells, and germs. The latter will have less chance of spreading if you have partition walls, thus reducing possible infections. You also have greater control over the bathroom area in terms of keeping it all cleaner (for longer) and professional-looking. It’s amazing how such practical considerations can contribute to the overall atmosphere of the rooms.

Toilet partitions and locks can be part of your overall armory to provide security for everyone who attends your premises. They can provide greater peace of mind because once the cubicle has been locked, it will prevent other people from coming in by mistake. Sadly, things like crime and sexual assault can occur in commercial bathrooms too, so prevention is another reason why partitions should be considered essential. They can help stop the theft of peoples’ personal belongings or things like toilet paper and other bathroom items. By locking toilet doors it’s also possible to reduce the instances of damage due to vandalism.


To Provide Privacy And Prevent Accidents

As we have already touched on, toilet partitions act as a valuable screen that can protect your privacy and keep you distanced from the immediate environment. They can keep children from entering into adults-only restrooms by mistake, and if there are dogs they can also be kept from wandering in.

Toilet partitions are especially important in places like airports, shopping malls, or any other place where there is a high volume of customers using restrooms on their own without supervision. Some of these bathrooms may not even have doors but rather rely on stalls that offer privacy when users sit down to do their business. However, these stalls don’t really give much privacy because people can easily see into one another if they stand up straight and look over the dividers (which many do). Toilet partitions solve this problem by providing more complete coverage around urinals and toilets.

Work accidents can be unpleasant to experience, and difficult and expensive to resolve legally. Toilet partitions can help prevent some of these from occurring. For instance, you can help reduce the number of employees having slip and fall accidents. It’s also possible to steward the health of the disabled or elderly by attaching grip handles to the partitions. They can be especially helpful for those who struggle to get on or off the toilet.


Because It Is A Legal Requirement

Anywhere there are employees working for your company, you need to have OSHA-compliant facilities. The purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is to set standards for workplace safety in order to avoid injuries and death. If employees are injured, there is a cost in terms of worker’s compensation payments. In turn, this can lead to loss of earnings or even an entire business being shut down.

Federal law says that where there are mixed genders in the bathroom, there must be at least 18 inches between each stall. This is where federal law and toilet partitions meet to prevent infection transmission involving genitals, body parts, and physical surfaces.

This article has provided a compelling case of why you need to have toilet partitions on your work premises. The benefits apply to you as an employer and every user of the facilities in terms of privacy, health, and protection. Whilst they may be legally required, they offer the chance for you to enhance your bathroom in a way that will impress everyone who uses them.