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When I was in college ( a long time ago) I had a small coffee maker that I used every morning!  I loved my coffee and had to have it.  But if I was in college now I’d have my Keurig with me for sure because it works a lot faster than my coffee maker did.  Plus I had to get water each time I wanted to use it,  where the Keurig stores the water for me!  I’m sure my room would turn into a coffee shop with my Keurig and my coffee addiction!


The Keurig is so easy to use as you can see above, even my youngest daughter can make a cup of coffee.  For me, of course!

A Keurig would make a gift for your college student.  Why?  Here are 5 Reasons Why Your College Student Needs a Keurig:

  1. Junior will not be tempted to stop at the campus coffee shop on the way to class and blow $3-$4 of his or her limited budget.  I can completely attest to this, many years ago I worked at a college coffee shop and was amazed at the amount of money these students were spending every day!
  2. If there is not a kitchen or access to coffee near your student’s dorm, with limited transportation getting to a store may be near impossible leaving them coffee-less.
  3. A Keurig is simply essential for all-nighters!
  4. They can brew a cup to go and be out the door in under a minute. Assuring that they make it to class on time (hopefully).
  5. A Keurig minus Kcup coffee serves as an instant hot water dispenser, creating a dual purpose.  Your son or daughter can prepare instant oatmeal and ramen noodles with their coffee brewer.

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