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Regular maintenance is needed if you want your home to always radiate cleanliness and freshness. If you know how to arrange yourself well, cleaning the house shouldn’t be a difficulty or a nightmare for you. In order to help you clean your house more easily and with less effort, you’ve been provided with some helpful tips and tricks below!


Discover the Might of Baking Soda

If you want to clean without using chemicals, baking soda should be the first item on your list of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Indeed, baking soda has been used for decades by our grandmothers to clean the whole house. In addition to great cleaning features, it is completely safe for your hands, your children, pets, and the environment! So, pots and pans, the oven, and the toilet bowl and tub may all be sparkling clean with the help of its somewhat abrasive characteristics!

Use the Power of Lemon

Discovering the wonderful power contained in lemons is a great approach to learning the proper technique to clean without the use of chemicals. Lemon is said to have antibacterial characteristics, making it a perfect tool for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Lemons’ natural acidity helps you clean your home while adhering to the sustainability concept since it cuts through various greases and debris with ease. Simply squeeze a lemon slice and use a piece of sturdy kitchen towel soaked in water to remove all the fat, dirt, and limescale.

Likewise, you will clean with a greater appreciation for the environment since lemon is 100% natural and there are no consequences of the cleaning to the environment. This way, your house will be eco-friendly and clean!

Hire a Cleaning Service

For the best results and professional cleaning, it is recommended to hire a cleaning service. This way, a cleaning professional will visit your home and clean it in a thorough, effective, safe, and fast way. 

For example, if you live in Chicago, you can get professional help from various cleaning services operating in the area, and you can enjoy your time with your family outside and have a rest while they do the job for you. Moreover, as a Chicago, Illinois house cleaner suggests, because of the bacteria, allergies, and grime present, a cluttered or untidy house can create stress and health problems. Professional cleaning makes all the difference in maintaining a clean house and creating a healthier, more pleasant atmosphere. With a professional touch, it is certain your home will shine clean and bright!

Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

Rub the tiles well after applying the tile cleanser and letting it dissolve the mold. If you prefer not to use chemicals, you may clean the bathroom tiles using a vinegar and water mixture. Also, the quickest and most straightforward method to get rid of yellow stains from the sink is to use lemon juice. Finally, don’t forget to empty the garbage cans and wash them. You can clean them with a soap-and-water solution before wiping them down with alcohol to disinfect them.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Food preparation takes place in the kitchen, but owing to poor sanitation, it can also be a source of illness. To that end, make sure you clean the surfaces of the food storage first. Don’t forget to clean the microwave, refrigerator, and stove. To get rid of tough stains, be sure to thoroughly clean the interior of the oven and microwave. In the end, clean the sink and make the cutlery shiny. To avoid using chemicals, rubbing it with a baking soda and water combination can help greatly!

Clean the Refrigerator with Vinegar

No matter how spotless the refrigerator initially appears to be, crumbs are unavoidably there. Check the expiration date on the packaging after removing all the food. Use a vinegar and water solution to clean the refrigerator’s interior. It is sufficient to place a few lemon slices on one shelf to prevent the aromas in the refrigerator from mixing. Placing a slice of bread is also said to have the same result since the bread will absorb bad odors.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the entire house, make yourself some coffee or tea and relax in your peaceful spot!