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Nothing is better than getting brand-new windows installed in your home. They add life to the rooms that they illuminate and the goal is to keep them as nice as possible for as long as possible. 

Below are some tips to help you keep those windows maintained and looking fresh for many years to come. 

Dust Your Windows Frequently

One of the main reasons windows start to look dull is from dust and grime buildup. Dusting your windows at least once a week will maintain them and keep them looking like they were installed yesterday. 

It is also so important that if you are going to deep clean the windows, dust them first. Mixing wet cleaning fluid with dusting and the dead bugs and whatever else gets on the windows will cause a gunky mess that will make the window-cleaning process take longer than it should.  

Scrub the Window Frame

Keeping a window pristine does not mean just spraying and wiping the glass. Most windows are built with a white window frame surrounding the glass for support. The window frame’s condition can greatly affect the look of the window.  

Some windows just have a frame around the outside, while others have a frame that breaks up the glass and creates a grid pattern. Both types of window frames will begin to yellow over time, especially if they are exposed to direct sunlight daily.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to check the color every once in a while. If you start to see some yellowing, take a small scrub brush with gentle bristles and some cold water mixed with diluted bleach and gently scrub in circles around the window frame area. Make sure that when you are using bleach, wear gloves so that you do not burn or discolor your skin. 

If your window frame is a color other than white, it is not recommended to scrub it with bleach. Try a gentle soap or wood cleaner if the frame is made out of wood.  

Use a Microfiber Towel to Wipe Down Your Windows

A common mistake that many people make when cleaning windows is that they use paper towels to wipe down their windows. At first, it may seem like a window cleaning go-to, but paper towels break down easily and can leave little particles on the glass. This is easier to notice in mirrors, but when sunlight comes through windows, the little bits of debris left by paper towels will make it look like the windows haven’t been cleaned in weeks. 

The best thing to use is a microfiber towel. These are softer than a normal cleaning rag, so they won’t scratch the glass or leave streak marks. Unlike paper towels, they do not break down and they will leave nothing behind.

Microfibers are also more water resistant than some other cleaning towels, so you can use them for longer. Instead of using a few cleaning rags or a bunch of paper towels, one microfiber towel could last you through all of your windows.   

Start at the Top and Work Your Way Down When Cleaning 

Although this seems obvious, many people intend to do this but then end up wiping down their windows in an up-and-down pattern. This causes possible drippage and shoves debris to the sides of the window and up to the top. 

The best way to wipe down a window is to start at the top left corner and move right then zig-zag down until you get to the bottom. This way, no extra cleaning product gets shoved into cracks where it could stay and erode the frame over time. 

This method of cleaning will keep your windows looking fresh and well taken care of. 

Open and Close the Windows Frequently to Maintain Mobility

A big problem that homeowners have with their windows is that they start to jam and stick after a few years. A good technique to prevent this is the take the time to open and close them every once in a while to keep them from eroding due to lack of use.

If you have windows that open on hinges, it is even more important to open and close the windows in order to prevent the hinges from rusting. Whenever you clean the window frame, make sure to also clean these hives with a non-corroding cleaning product and oil them if they start to get stiff.  

If you have windows that slide up and down or side to side, make sure to vacuum and dust the inside tracks where the windows slide into place. These areas quickly become dirty with dead bugs and other debris that could prevent the windows from closing correctly. This could cause long-term damage, so it is best to monitor these areas when you do a routine window cleaning. 

Repaint The Window Frames Every Other Year

 Life happens and paint does not last forever. If you have window frames that are painted a certain color, daily wear, and tear will cause chipping, scuff marks, and discoloration that not even a good scrub can get rid of. 

Before your window frames begin to deteriorate, make sure that you have a can of paint in your house that matches that of your window frames. It is said that a fresh coat of paint can change the whole room, and that is true with freshly-painted window frames.

When re-painting these areas, make sure to clean every nook and cranny of the window frame. If you paint over any debris, the new coat of paint will not have a smooth surface like the frame would have had when it was first installed.   

Maintaining the surroundings of the windows in your home will keep your windows looking brand new for years.  

Windows are such an important part of the home and if they are in good shape, the rest of the house looks well put together. Preserving the look of your windows is all about checking them and cleaning them regularly. 

These six tips will help you keep those brand-new windows looking like they did the day they were installed.