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Vista Print is know for offering FREE items – you just pay shipping.   Essentially that doesn’t make them FREE but they are very affordable and nice quality items.  I’ve ordered several from them and I’m always happy with what I receive.  If you compare the prices, you’ll see that the shipping charges are still a lot LESS than what you’d pay elsewhere.

Here is what they are currently offering for FREE and I’ve included what the shipping charges start at for each item.  It will depend on where you live.

FREE Personalized Calendar-  shipping $5.67
FREE Personalized T-Shirt- shipping $4.86
FREE Personalized Magnet – shipping $4.52
FREE Personalized Mouse Pad – shipping $4.41
FREE Personalized Mug – shipping $5.67
FREE Personalized Photo Book – shipping $5.83

You could easily turn these all into gifts for someone – even for the holidays which I know are still a long way away!  The calender would be a great holiday gift for a grandparent or even a for a parent to display at work, the T-Shirt could be made up for a child’s birthday with how old they are turning on it “I’m 5 today!”,  you could put your favorite family picture on the magnet to display on your fridge or use it to label your child’s artwork with something like “Holly’s Creations”,  you could make a mouse pad with pictures of your family to use at work, make a mug for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and the photo book would also make a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.

Those are just some ideas – I’m sure you could come up with something else.