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When you’re looking for a photographer for your family, you want to make sure you find a professional who captures your family’s essence in a style that resonates with you. Here’s a list of key questions that will enable you to move through the process with assurance and comfort.

How Much Do They Charge?

Photographers may have different pricing structures, so it’s important to get a clear breakdown of costs. Factors like the photographer’s equipment, post-processing, and delivery of final images affect how much they charge. Here are key points to consider:

  • Session fee: This is the upfront cost for the photographer’s time and talent. 
  • Packages: Photographers offer packages that bundle the session with a set number of prints and digital images.
  • A la carte: If you prefer to customize your order.
  • Digital files: Ask if digital files are included or available for purchase separately.

Where Do They Take the Photoshoots?

Your photo shoot’s location can significantly impact the mood and style of your photographs. A good photographer for families, like Natalie Chiles Photography, should offer you a variety of settings for your session.

  • Home: Your home is a place of comfort and authenticity, which can be ideal for lifestyle shots that truly reflect your family’s personality.
  • Outdoors: Public parks, beaches, and urban settings provide a natural, vibrant backdrop for your family photos. 
  • Studio: A professional studio often has controlled lighting and various backdrops, allowing for high-quality images regardless of the weather outside.

What’s Their Rescheduled and Cancellation Policy?

Photographers often allow only one rescheduling of a session, especially for outdoor shoots. One of several reasons why it’s necessary to understand their policies on rescheduling and cancellations.

  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Ask how far in advance you must notify them to cancel without penalty.
    • Find out if there are any fees associated with canceling.
    • Inquire whether your deposit is refundable.
  • Rescheduling Policy:
    • Determine how the photographer handles the need to reschedule.
    • Clarify any deadlines for rescheduling and potential costs involved.

When Can I Get My Final Photos?

Photographers have varying delivery times, so setting realistic expectations from the start can save you a lot of anticipation.

  • Some photographers offer a few edited images within 24-48 hours of the shoot.
  • The standard digital delivery time can range between 2-6 weeks. 
  • If you’ve ordered physical prints, the timeline might extend up to 8-12 weeks.

What Kind of Products Do They Offer?

There is a range of products a photographer offers. Here are some common ones you might inquire about:

  • Prints: These are the classic choice and can vary in size from small to large.
  • Digital images: Many photographers offer digital copies of your photos.  
  • Albums: A beautifully crafted album can serve as a tangible walk down memory lane.
  • Canvas and wall art: For a more decorative approach, inquire if they offer canvas prints or custom wall art.

Can I Include My Pets in the Photographs?

Including your furry friends in family photos can make the experience more joyful. However, it’s recommended to limit pet involvement to the first 10-15 minutes for its comfort. Here are some key points to ask about incorporating your beloved pets:

  • Availability: Confirm the photographer is comfortable with and has experience in handling pets during a photoshoot.
  • Location: Some may have restrictions on where animals can be included.
  • Preparation: Inquire about any special preparations you should make with your pets.

Choosing the right family photographer involves asking the right questions to guarantee their style, experience, and offerings match your needs. Make sure you discuss location preferences, product offerings, and delivery time. By doing so, you can confidently look forward to capturing those timeless family moments.