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Even in the most stressful periods of history, people always had various other things on their minds. It was thinking about higher things in life that managed to save people from many stresses. It is salvation through art and thinking about beauty in life that got us where we are. We could dress in clothes that are purely functional with no aesthetic element to them. But we do not do that, we dress in a way that makes us happy, even if there is no higher function to it.

We like to express ourselves even if it brings no further meaning or function to life. Even all the way back before we invented writing systems, we still made jewelry. Now, it is easier than ever to find a lot of unique pieces of jewelry that suit you the most. It does not matter which gender, sexuality, or race you are, jewelry is made for everyone to wear it. Here are 6 ways jewelry can elevate your style.

  1. Attention to detail

In most cases, it is not the big pieces of an outfit that make it, it is the small details. You would be surprised to see how much dainty earrings, such small pieces, can elevate your style. By wearing jewelry, you are showing off that you care for how you look. You do not throw items randomly on yourself, but you carefully select these items. Such small and fine details stand out the most and get noticed the most by a careful observer. 

  1. Expressing yourself

Jewelry is very important in expressing your true self through such detail. If you like the color purple, wearing jewelry with purple motives will show this to the world. There is something that just hits differently when you see someone with wooden jewelry compared to stainless steel. It is details such as these that tell a lot about someone with just a simple glance. First impressions are very important and you can leave a standing first impression with jewelry unique to you.

  1. Matching the rest of the outfit

When something matches your outfit, people will notice it pretty quickly. There is just something so satisfying when your entire outfit makes a fine and meaningful composition. It is when your earrings match your belt and shoes.

It is moments when a ring pops the rest of your suit. A simple bracelet combined with the rest of the minimalistic outfit makes it even more minimalistic. Such scenarios are quite unique and make your entire outfit even better.

  1. Versatile

There is a ton of jewelry out there, and a ton is making it sound too light. You can find so many different pieces and mix and match them in infinite combinations. You do not need to wear just some signature pieces, you can always put on something new and fresh.

That way, you are making your already existing outfits even more dynamic. Just some small adjustments and new jewelry can make one outfit come in many different shapes. By making your collection bigger and bigger, you are making the possibilities exponentially more numerous.

  1. Hidden meaning

Jewelry is especially beautiful when it bears hidden meaning that only you and a select few know of it. Maybe that necklace comes from a long lineage from your family, passed down through many generations.

Maybe the ring you wear brings you luck when you need it most. A bracelet that someone you love dearly and you swore to wear for the rest of your life. It is stories like these that make jewelry even more beautiful to not just you, but people close to you.

  1. Glam it up

Maybe you just want to show off and tell the world that you are here with jewelry. We all want to leave a certain mark on this world, a sign that we existed and did something. Jewelry is great for bringing such attention to you, but you do not need to look like modern rappers to achieve this. All you need is just some confidence and a visible piece of jewelry for this. Jewelry is only as powerful as you want it to be and the amount of confidence you have.

These are the core ways that jewelry helps you elevate your style. Even though we live in a world full of fake people and fake values, we all know ourselves deep within us. It is just the illusion that many of us make in order to avoid facing ourselves that makes us think it’s not like that. However, deep down, we all just want to be ourselves, but we are afraid of that. Jewelry is very important in making this differently and truly being ourselves, the people we are.