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Save Money Hallowee

Halloween is almost here and I think we are all set for costumes.  I’m happy because this year both girls have decided to wear something we already have!  My oldest one wants to be Mary Poppins and we have a dress in our dress-up box that she wants to wear.  My youngest wants to be a zebra-like she was last year and it still fits her!  I’m happy to not have to dish out money for another costume this year.

Tips for Shopping Online Halloween

If you will be skipping the stores and shopping online for Halloween gear, check out these tips below provided by Scott Fitterman of

Maximize value with online coupons

When purchasing Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy online always search for coupon codes to save money. Make sure to review your final checkout screen before you make your purchase. Be sure to confirm the items in your checkout are correct and that your promotional codes have been applied.

Stay Current

Make sure your results are the most up-to-date discounts and codes online. Take note of any expiration dates for discounts and use discount websites to help you locate the newest deals for a particular merchant.

Take advantage of Cashback

Some websites earn commissions from sales made through the site and can share their commissions with you in the form of cashback. It’s just like a cashback credit card. You can earn cashback from thousands of online merchants. If you’re not shopping through a cashback site, you’re throwing money away.

Exercise caution when combining coupons with cashback

You can use online coupons and combine the savings with cashback features for extra value, but exercise caution. Some coupon codes disqualify the order for cashback benefits, so read the cashback site’s coupon details very carefully.

Make sure you’re really getting a deal on all your Halloween essentials

Most of the time stores offer actual discounts, but as with all things, you should do your due diligence and check online to determine how good the price really is.

Compare Sites

If you know the exact Halloween Costume you want to buy for October, it pays to shop around at different online retailers to compare prices. Some sites help consumers by providing a list of all online stores in a particular category.

Pay attention to shipping costs

Some retailers make up for their low prices by adding costs to the shipping. Be sure you’re getting the lowest possible overall price, by double-checking your shipping.

Exclusivity Pays

Research before you buy to find coupon or cashback websites that offer consumers exclusive online deals for Halloween. If you don’t search before you buy, you may miss it.