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Mother's Day Cards from Treat

A Child Haircut and 25% off Mother’s Day Cards at

Mother’s Day is almost here.  I love this picture above because this was me once.  Well I wasn’t the one doing the cutting, my brother was.  I was about 5 or 6 and we were playing “barber shop” and he was the Barber and he was cutting my hair, for real.  I let him because I trusted him, he was after all my older brother.  Then the ice cream truck came and while we were outside waiting for our ice cream, my mother ran her hand through my hair and a handful of it came out!  He had cut into my hair and most of it stayed in place until she touched it.

Sorry mom!

Whether you’re looking for a card for your mom, your wife, grandmother, sisters, or in-laws, Treat has the card for you.  Their cards are top-quality and you have 100% control of the content. They have 450+ Mother’s Day designs to choose from, ranging from funny to sentimental. You add your own pictures and text to make them uniquely your style.

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The best part is that right now you can get 25% off all Mother’s Day orders by using the code TREATMOM25.

Sale ends 11:59pm PT on April 30, 2013.