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I flew into Boston’s Logan Airport last summer coming home from a blogging trip.  I live under 2 hours from Boston and had to fly in late a night.  I believe my plane landed around 11:30pm.  I’m not a city girl and I do NOT go to Boston, nor do I travel in and out of Boston.  This was the first time I flew in and out of there myself.   But I wasn’t worried because I locked my doors had our trusty GPS System…………. that was until I came out of one tunnel and the on ramp to 93 was CLOSED!!  Can I just tell you how sick my stomach was.  By now it was close to 1am and I’m being detoured into DOWNTOWN BOSTON!  And I couldn’t even call my husband because he was sound asleep since he had to work in the morning.

I knew I needed to trust my GPS to help me find my way out of the city and you know what? It worked just fine.  That thing is amazing.  If you take the wrong turn it automatically recalculates and tells you exactly where to go.  How I got around without one I have no idea.

With the holidays coming up, more and more people are going to be traveling which means traffic, accidents and of course there is always construction.   You don’t want to be stuck somewhere that you aren’t familiar with so it’s great if you have some sort of GPS system.  However, if it’s not updated it’s not going to be as helpful as you may need it to be.

If you or someone you know has the in dash NAVTEQ technology you may want to consider getting a map update before you head out for your holiday travels.  It’s easy to do and for the hard to buy for person, it’s a GREAT gift!  You don’t have to worry if it’s going to fit  or if they may not like it.  There are no qift receipts to worry about and no returns needed.  It’s a simple gift that is so easy to give!  And then you know they are safe while on the road.

Is this something you’d consider for a Christmas Gift?  If so who would you give it to?

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