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Airlines Are Flocking To South America – Here’s How To Take Advantage

South America’s charms are more accessible than ever, even on a tight budget. Airline carriers in the U.S. and hubs in Brazil and Peru are racing to add flights and amenities, meaning more options and lower prices. Follow these tips to make the most of the upcoming travel boom!

Peru Connects A Continent

Famous for its landscape and breathtaking vistas, Peru is more tourist-friendly than ever. Chilean LAN Airlines is betting Peru’s capital city of Lima can become a hub for exploration of the entire continent. LAN Peru’s new Orlando to Lima route promises quick connections (it aims for under 100 minutes) to Buenos Aires and Cordoba in Argentina, La Paz and Santa Cruz in Bolivia, Santiago in Chile, and Asuncion in Paraguay. If it’s easier to fly from the northeast, LAN Peru has added routes from New York City to Lima on weekends.

Explore Brazil Directly

South America’s largest and most diverse country has plenty of direct flights of its own, but airlines are still adding more. The city of Belo Horizonte will soon offer a new-look entryway to all of Brazil’s interior destinations when Azul Brazilian Airlines launches new routes there in November. Sao Paulo, the largest city on the continent, will get its own new flights from Florida in December.

Colombian Gem Cartagena Opens Up

Cartagena has earned rave reviews in recent months as a once-overlooked Colombian gem. And airlines are rushing to add direct flights to the port city known for its Colonial-style hotels. National carrier Avianca added a bunch of flights to the city last fall, and JetBlue has added direct flights from cities like New York in the last several years. The capital, Bogota, is getting new flights this summer, and Medellin will add more flights later this year.

Fly To Buenos Aires In Style

Flights to Argentina’s capital are getting more frequent and more luxurious, too. A trip from American Airlines’ Houston hub are some of the first to use the airlines’  high-tech and comfortable new Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Trips to Buenos Aires on United boast old-school dining service from three-course meals to luxury desserts and free wine and beer.

Fly Now Or Escape The Cold

Airlines add batches of flights to their South American lineup each fall, meaning availability will be greater after October and for the holidays. But some go live at the start of the peak summer season. For routes that got more popular starting last fall like Cartagena and Buenos Aires, book as soon as the price looks right. For Lima and Belo Horizonte, check now for even more savings in the fall, and warm up on a dream trip south.

This post was posted by Fiona Moriarty on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on June 12, 2015.