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Using credit cards can be dangerous for some, but for others it can be helpful in budgeting and saving as well. How can you save money with credit cards? Well besides the fact that some offer incentives to open a card, some also offer incentives to USE a card. And those are the only cards I ever use. But you must use them responsibly or in the end you lose money. So if credit cards aren’t for you, then I don’t suggest you use them but for those of you that are responsible credit card uses, I have to share this new one from American Express, because I LOVE IT!

It’s called the Blue Cash Card and what I love about it is that you get CASH BACK, not a gift card or a coupon but REAL CASH!!!

Do I use credit cards?? Occasionally I do.  And I want to share with you how we use them.  We don’t charge things that we don’t already have the money for anymore.  That’s in the past and we are NEVER going back to that again.  My husband and I use credit cards for big purchases that offer us no interest, that we have the  money for, and then pay it over the time allowed so we can actually earn money on our cash in the bank.  We also use credit cards for a few everyday purchases just not to carry cash all the time since it’s more tempting to use it when we have it.  My husband is on the road a lot for work so he uses his credit card for all his gas purchases and then submits a travel expense to his work for the miles he drives for work, and then we pay his gas with that money.  Sometimes it’s a wash and other times it’s not.  But it works well for us so we aren’t paying for all that gas up front.  But we plan for everything that we charge and we only use a credit card that gives us an incentive back.

The Blue Cash Card from American Express will give you 3% cash back on grocery purchases and 2% cash back on gas purchases.  Remember how I mentioned that my husband charges all his gas on his credit card?  Well I looked up what he spend last month on gas and it was $377.05!!!  Now that’s just his car, that’s not even my gas.  Of course I don’t drive as much as him.  So with the Blue Cash Card we would get $7.54 back in cash for the month of October.  I figured out that he spends about that on average each month so after 12 months we’d receive back almost $100 just for his gas purchases.  That’s a really nice savings.

I spend about $80 a month on gas, so for the year that’s another $960 which would give us a cash back savings of almost $20.

Now for Groceries, I spend about $85 a week on groceries so that’s about $4400 a year on groceries.  With the 3% cash back from the Blue Cash Card, I’d save another $132 using the card.  So between our gas purchases and grocery purchases, we’d save an additional $160 a year just for using this credit card to make our gas and grocery purchases.

So what about everything else you buy?

If you choose to use your card for other purchases beside gas and groceries, you’ll earn 2% cash back at department stores and 1% cash back from everywhere else.  So everything you purchase will net you cash back.

How do I get my cash back?

You will receive reward dollars on your statements which you can then ‘cash’ in when they reach 25.  You can turn those reward dollars into a statement credit or submit for a gift card or select merchandise.  I will just a take the credit off the next month’s bill! 

Is there an annual fee?

NOPE, not for the Blue Cash Everyday Card, isn’t that awesome!!

To find out more about these new cards, you can visit, where you can explore all of the benefits and see if it’s right for you!


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