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I’m always looking for a bargain, even for back to school cloths.  My girls are growing so fast I refuse to pay a lot for their cloths, but I do like to get them some really cute stuff.  I was shopping today and walked into a store that will remain nameless that has the absolute cutest cloths for girls but way too expensize so I walked right back out.

The awesome people at TJ Maxx and Marshalls sent me some gift cards to see what I could find for back to school and then they asked me to share it with my readers.  I’m starting to enjoy shopping there more and more, I can’t believe the great deals I’ve been finding.

IMG_9563Here is what I got at Marshalls for my oldest daughter:

Cute 2 piece outfit with matching headband, $12.99 compared to $22.00
Cute Carters 2 piece pajama’s (with silky pants she looooves these!), $7.99 compared to $20.00
3 pack High School Musical panties $3.99 compared to $7.99

Total Spent: $24.97
Total Saved: $25.02

So basically by shopping at Marshalls I got these for half price.  I like that!

Then I headed on over to TJ Maxx to see what I could also find for her.  She has no fall cloths, everything from last year is too small, she grew like 3 inches if not IMG_9564more!!

Cute black & white dress skirt with matching zebra leggings and purse, $10.00 compared to $20.00
Cute Fall dress, $12.99 compared to $26.00
Pink tank top – not for fall but she can still wear it now, it’s warm!, $3.00 compared to $10.00

Total Spent: $25.99
Total Saved: $30.01 –>  I saved more than I spent!!

So between the two stores I spent $50.96 and I got $105.99 worth of cloths.  That’s a really good deal!

So when as you finish your back to school shopping don’t forget to check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls, I’m sure you can find some really great things too!