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I’m so excited my buddy Nicole told me about this today because I completely missed the email I received from them!  BidRack is a penny auction website that guarantees you’ll win or you get your bids back!   Yup you read that right. They give your bids back to you if you don’t win an auction! If you buy 100 bids and don’t win an auction just send an email to to get your 100 bids back.  So your guaranteed to win something or you’ll keep getting your bids back until you do!

So if you buy the 100 bids and only bid on items that cost more than the $60 it cost to buy the bids then you’ll score!! Then if you don’t win you’ll get the 100 bids refunded to you over and over until you win…. you have nothing to lose!

Here’s how to use BidRack:

This morning an iPad went for only $32!!  I wish I won that. There are lots of other great deals to be had on BidRack!

I just won a $10 Target Gift card for only $.02!!!

thanks Nicole’s Nickels!