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Bluebird from American Express, An Alternative to Debit Cards and Checking Accounts

Bluebird from American Express, An Alternative to Debit Cards and Checking Accounts

I’m really excited to share Bluebird from American Express with you all.  I know that some people don’t want to use a debit card (my husband) to make purchases and not everyone has a checking account.  If you fall in those categories then Bluebird is for you.  Perhaps you’ve seen the Kiosk in Walmart, I hadn’t noticed it so I’ll be sure to look for it the next time I’m there.  But if you were wondering what it’s all about then keep reading.

Over the next month or so I’ll be sharing with you my experience using Bluebird.   It’s not a credit card, it’s more of a prepaid card and you can only spend the money you put on the card.  But the best thing about it is its super easy to add money and you even have a few ways of doing it.  But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you how to get a Bluebird card.  You can purchase a kit for $5 at the Bluebird kiosk at your local Walmart or you can  sign up online at  If you purchase the kit you’ll be able to use it instantly, otherwise you’ll just have to wait to receive your card in the mail which should only take about 7 days.

I signed up online, which is FREE and super quick and easy.  There is no approval process so it won’t affect your credit.  However, if you have a Serve account, which is also by American Express, you’ll need to close that one first.  I had to do that and even that was super easy to do.  Now that I’m signed up I just have to wait to get my card.

So what is the purpose of Bluebird?

Bluebird was developed for the tens of millions of Americans who are looking for advanced capabilities such as deposits by smart phone and mobile bill pay, fee transparency, and no minimum balance, monthly, annual or overdraft fees.  Bluebird puts people back in charge of their finances and is available in more than 4,000 Walmart stores and online.  Along with premium features like mobile phone deposits, family sub-accounts and free access to cash at 22,000 ATMs with direct deposit, Bluebird comes with access to additional benefits such as purchase protection against accidental damage or theft, roadside assistance and  award-winning 24/7 customer service. Bluebird can be used for purchases anywhere American Express is accepted worldwide – with no foreign transaction fees.

Like I said, I’m just now signing up for it and learning all there is to know about Bluebird so be sure to check back to hear about my experience.

I am working with American Express on a sponsored Bluebird campaign.  My opinions are my own.