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Bluebird from American Express, A Great Budgeting Tool

Bluebird from American Express, Great for Traveling

Eairler this month introduced you to Bluebird from American Express and I’ve been using it and learning about different ways it can be a valuable tool.  I will continue to use my Bluebird account over the next couple of weeks and documenting my experience here on the blog. I know not everyone has credit cards, which this is not, and something like Bluebird could be a great tool in budgeting by controlling your spending.

You can sign up online, which is FREE and super quick and easy, or purchase a ‘kit’ from Walmart for a $5 fee.   There is no approval process because it’s not a credit card so you don’t need to worry about your credit.  It’s basically a pre-paid card and you can only spend what you put on there.

If you are traveling and on a budget, then Bluebird may help!  Not only is it easy to use since it works like a credit card, but you won’t have to worry about going over budget.  Since you add the funds you use to your Bluebird account you can only use what’s on their!    And if you need more, you can always transfer more onto your card.

Putting money on your Bluebird card is very easy.  You can do it online or you go to a Walmart and add funds to your card, either way it’s super simple.

Since this isn’t truely a credit card, you can not overdraw on the account, which is why it’s so great as a budgeting tool while on vacation.  Let’s face it, with a credit card we are all tempted to spend more than we have but not with Bluebird!

Just a reminder, you can use your Bluebird account at Walmart and where ever they accept American Express.

I am working with American Express on a sponsored Bluebird campaign.  My opinions are my own.