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Bluebird from American Express, A Great Budgeting Tool

Bluebird from American Express, Great for Budgeting Groceries

In December I introduced you to Bluebird from American Express and I’ve been using it and learning about different ways it can be a valuable tool.  It’s not a credit card and not exactly a debit card.  It’s more of a pre-paid card but it has so many benefits that pre-paid cards don’t normally have.  There are two ways to get a Bluebird card and neither of them are based on credit.  You can sign up online, which is FREE and super quick and easy, or purchase a ‘kit’ from Walmart for a $5 fee.   There is no approval process since it’s not a credit card so you don’t need to worry about your credit.  It’s basically a pre-paid card and you can only spend what you put on there.

If you missed my previous posts, Bluebird is a great alternative to Debit and Checking accounts because…

  • It was developed for the tens of millions of Americans who are looking for advanced capabilities such as deposits by smart phone and mobile bill pay, fee transparency, and no minimum balance, monthly, annual or overdraft fees.
  • It puts people back in charge of their finances!
  • Bluebird comes with access to additional benefits such as
    • Purchase protection against accidental damage or theft
    • Roadside assistance
    • Award-winning 24/7 customer service
  • Bluebird can be used for purchases anywhere American Express is accepted worldwide – with no foreign transaction fees

You can read more of my first post HERE.

I also talked about how Bluebird is A Great Budgeting Tool, Bluebird is Great for College Students, Bluebird is Great for Traveling,  and Bluebird is Great for Budgeting Groceries!  Because it’s treated like an American Express, it makes it look like a credit card, but it doesn’t act like one!

I am working with American Express on a sponsored Bluebird campaign.  My opinions are my own.