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It’s amazing how expensive it is to have a child.    Unfortunately when I had both my girls, I was unable to nurse for very long so we had to turn to formula.  What we spent on feeding them and diapering them was amazing!   It was one reason I began shopping with coupons!  At first we only purchased the name brand formulas but then as we added up the cost we decided to try some store brands.  Neither of our girls had any problems so we stuck with them.

One formula we used was Parent’s Choice.  It was about half the price of the name brand formula so we were excited to save the money and both our girls were satisfied.  I recently found out that Parent’s Choice has a new name and a new look, Bright Beginnings.  Have you seen it?  You may not of known it was the same, I didn’t.  But if you look at the ingredients, it’s not much different than the others.  And honestly I find the new design more eye catching.

I received a few samples of Bright Beginnings for my review.  I gave some samples to a friend of mine that has a baby and she used it.  Her little guy didn’t even realized she switched.  Of course it probably all tastes the same to him but he had no problems at all digesting it nor did he get fussy so obviously he was satisfied.

I do realize that formula feeding isn’t for everyone and I’m not saying it’s better than breast milk but if your like me and are not able to nurse for very long or perhaps you just adopted a baby, check out it out.  And Bright Beginnings available at so you don’t even have to leave the house, which can be very hard when you have a baby…. especially for first time parents!  At least it was for me.