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Getting another bill in your email inbox or mailbox always leaves a pit in your stomach. Let’s face it; the necessities of life are expensive. But what if I told you that you can sell that unwanted gift card for Burger King that you received from Aunt Joy last Christmas back to for 72% of the value? Because you can!! buys gift cards that you have no use for to offer you actual money that you can put toward things you need help paying, like your credit card bills.

You simply log onto the Website and fill out a form with the basic information of the cards you’re selling, like the amount on the card and the store or restaurant that it is for.

After you submit the form, their team performs standard security checks on the seller to make sure everything is legitimate. Within 24 hours, you find out if your sell is accepted and receive directions on how to mail your card in.

When the folks at get your card, they verify everything and issue you your payment. CardCash generally puts the money in your PayPal account, but first time sellers with cards less than $200 may request a check in the mail.

Once receiving your payment, you can use your cash for the things you need in life…like gas, electricity, and your phone!