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An airport is a great place to find interesting people and I love people watching while waiting for my flight. I’m sure lots of friendships are made and people fall in love during layovers throughout the country. You never know who you may meet while at the airport!

I never traveled much until I became a blogger. I especially never traveled alone. And when I tell people I’m on a blogging trip they look at me like what? Most don’t get it.

One flight I was on, a guy proposed to his girlfriend right before take off!! It was so cute and I was happy to be there to see it. I’ve only ever seen that done in movies so it was pretty cool to be there for that happy moment for them. While I was all smiles and thinking about my husband during this – the lady next to me was like “OMG how cheesy”. GASP!! I guess she isn’t a romantic.

I think any guy who proposes in public is a romantic because that’s not easy to do in front of a lot of people. But obviously they want everyone to know how much they love their lady.

It’s one flight I won’t forget (though I do forget where I was going!)

Have you heard all the chatter about the movie short Connecting Flights? It’s about two bloggers who meet during a layover and fall in love. It’s really cute and FUNNY because they totally fall for each other (hahaha, you’ll get that more after you watch the video) —

Sears did an awesome job with this and definitely caught my attention – I did NOT see that coming. But I’ll admit, I watched it over a few times just to see them crash again. LOVE IT!

We need a new refrigerator and a trash compactor so I’m going to drag my husband head to Sears on Black Friday to see what they have, are you?

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