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We all love Disney movies and we want to see them on a regular basis. But do you know that apart from Cinderella, the Disney studios are working on a number of projects coming up in 2015. We have compiled a little list that should help you mark your calendar and be ready for a zoom ride with your favorite Disney movies.

Finding Dory

If you love your little nemo, this is a movie you will be waiting to watch. Finding Dory has links to the previous installment and has a number of twists and turns that will keep you hooked. Finding Dory is expected to hit the cinema halls in fall 2015. Till then, if you have not seen the first installment (Finding Nemo), here is a link to purchase it. If you have missed the Black Friday sales, use this coupon and enjoy the discounts on your purchases.

Toy story 4

With the third installment of this series, everyone was sure that it is the last part and one will not see a new release in this name. Even Pixar had given a statement and was sure that the third installment for the grand finale. But Disney has turned the tables and has shown keen interest in the series and thus, we have the fourth installment of the series under Disney roof. The expected date is yet to be finalized, but we can expect an announcement coming our way, soon. Haven’t seen this series yes? Hurry! There are amazing discount being showered online. Purchase it and see it today! Looking for an additional discount? Overstock promo codes are the perfect solution.

The Good Dinosaur

If the title makes you feel like you will enter the oldie era and witness dinosaurs destroying the universe all over again, then you are wrong. This movie is about a good dinosaur (as the title suggests). It takes you to a world of imagination where you will love this little dinosaur and force yourself to think, ‘What a beautiful world will it be, if that amazing creature would have been still in this world!’ Yes, the impact is huge and you will love it entirely. Slated for a November 25 release, it promises to be one of the cutest films, ever produced by Disney.

Jurassic World

This is in contrast to the previous flick we have noted and is not the best kiddie movie in store. However, it is one of the most awaited movies. Jurassic Park was released long back, but one can still feel the Goosebumps while watching it even today. Jurassic world is promised to be even better with the animatronic dinosaurs running around and creating a new dimension to the world of animated movies. With these four handpicked movies, we are sure that you will love to watch them. Till then, if you are willing to purchase a couple of animated Disney movies, here is an overstock coupon code for you.

However, if you are waiting for another flick that will release in 2015, let us know about it in the comments section below.