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Are you needing to transfer money abroad but unwilling to pay the fees the bank takes? International money transfers incur a fixed fee of approximately $30 in the USA and that doesn’t even take into accounts the poor exchange rates banks are providing. The exchange rate seems to be only a few cents lower than the official one appearing on the Fed’s website, if you are moving a significant portion of money abroad it will be very costly to go down the bank route.


There are alternatives to international money transfers, through. Foreign exchange firms are happy to take on American clients. They are likely to have lower fees and better exchange rates than banks because they have much less expenses in relation to them. A money transmitter license is a different story than operating a bank, and with less overheads, they are able to offer better prices.


Does this mean getting to a money transfer company is the last thing you need to do to optimize your international transfer? Not at all. These companies have different fee/rate scheme. Some are cheaper than others. In addition to that, the exchange rates they will be offering is heavily dependent on the amount of money you are planning to transfer abroad from the USA. Larger transfers get better rates, and smaller transfers get the default rates.


There is a way to get better rates even on small or medium transfers! InternationalMoneyTransfers boasts a lot of exclusive promotions for its readers. If you want to transfer money from the USA or from anywhere else in the world, you will get preferential exchange rates which are significantly better than the default rates you’ll get by approaching a money transfer company directly. All you need to do is pick the company you want to handle and click on the “Get Quote” button on also offer a preview to the rates you’ll be getting if you sign up through them! You don’t have to sign up with multiple companies and haggle, at all. Just look at the rates presented on the review of each company and you’ll see exactly what you’ll be entitled to get. These kind of promotions are pretty rare in the money transfer industry. Every company tries to be as secretive and clandestine as possible about the rates it offers.