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When I had my first child, and I found out she was a girl, I couldn’t help but to think about all the cut outfits I’d be able to buy her.  I was so excited but, I wasn’t convinced the doctor was correct with the ultrasound results.  So all the “pink” clothes I got before she was born, remained untouched in the closet just in case they were wrong.

Needless to say, they were right and I’ve had fun picking out clothes for her and my other daughter that came along 2.5 years later, ever since!  I was introduced to FabKids I believe about 2 years ago when they first started selling clothes and have been hooked on them since.  Every single time they wear one of their FabKids outfits (mostly dresses) I always receive compliments and am asked where I found it.

The colors are always in season, the styles are always on point with fashion and the price is unbeatable!  We LOVE FabKids.

Last month I picked out two similar dresses for the girls.  The Tiered Floral Dress and the Tiered Striped dress.  I love how the tiers flow on them!   Right now you can save 50% off on select items!

FabKids Tiered Dress


New FabKids Features

  • Build-your-own dress sets: You will be able to choose 2 dresses + 2 leggings and get a $10 savings
  • Outfits with Shoes: You will be able to buy outfits and shoes in just 1 click + you get a 10% savings!

About FabKids

FabKids is JustFab’s newest fashion club, started by a team of parents including mom and actress Christina Applegate.  FabKids is a convenient way for busy parents to shop. It’s an outfit club — so parents get monthly selections of super affordable, high-quality fashions personalized for their kids.  Every outfit includes 2 pieces for just $29.95– so you can get a fabulous dress, paired with leggings OR a top and a bottom, etc.  FabKids is currently available in sizes 2-12 and All FabKids outfits ship free on all orders over $49.  You have until the 5th of every month to “skip the month” or you will be charged $29.95 on the 6th of the month, which will give you one credit to use on the website. One credit gets you an entire 2-piece outfit!   Outfits come in adorable pink boxes for girls and awesome blue packages for boys!

As you know, I’ve been a fan of FabKids for a long time and I’m really enjoying these monthly looks!   They have tons of cute clothes and my girls love them all!  If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know this and hopefully enjoy our picks each month from FabKids.

FabKids sizes run from x-small to x-large and I find them pretty true to size.  The leggings have a nice length to them and since they fit snug,  they don’t look too long.   The colors are bright and they don’t fad when washed.   There are also great options for boys each month so be sure to check them out!

Shop FabKids for Fashionable Clothes

Right now new FabKids members can get a great deal – Buy One Outfit and Get One Outfit for FREE + FREE Shipping!

See all of our FabKids outfits HERE.