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Face Masks

Face Masks

We are probably going to be wearing face masks for a while.  I’ve been stocking up so that we have plenty on hand, while the others are being washed.  I toss them in the laundry with my clothes or we boil water and let them sit in that for a little while. I have even put them in the dishwasher on the top rack when I use the sanitize cycle.   I keep a couple in my purse and some in the car.

We also have a few different kinds.  Everyone has their favorite type of mask.  This is me and my boyfriend, Bob, getting ready to go into the grocery store.  We also have gloves on, but you can’t see them.

Where to buy Face Masks online

Here is a list of our favorite places to get masks.  There are so many to choose from.  I’ll add to this list as we find more.  Let me know if you have found a great source.

Sew Cal masks are all made in the USA and they are very affordable.  They have a few different types you can choose from.  PLUS when you use coupon code SEWCAL10OFF you’ll save 10%! –  See their selection!

Jane has a ton of options for masks.  Jane is one of my new favorite online stores to shop at!  They have over two dozen different types of masks and also filters and mask extenders.  Check out their selection!

Mabels Labels – They don’t just make labels! They have some cute reusable face masks for adults and children.  And right now you can save 10%.  No coupon code is needed.  See their selection!

Groupon has a great selection of Masks and some really good prices!  They change often so I won’t list any specifics. See their selection!

StringKing has face masks too that are also made in the USA! They have 2-ply washable Cloth Face Masks with two layers of fabric to create a CDC-recommended reusable cloth mask for daily use.  Check them out!

13 Deals also has a great price on Masks and Hand sanitizers.  But they are selling out fast!  See them here.

Want to make them yourself?  Cricut has patterns that you can use!  See them here!

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