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April 15th is going to be here very soon!!!  Have you filed your taxes  yet?  If not eSmart Tax is giving Americans two ways to file their federal taxes for FREE this year.  The first way is by using the Basic edition.  That can be a nice savings for you, especially if you owe the government money.  With you do all your filing on line and since so many of us have access to computers, it’s the easiest way to get things done.  It’s especially great for busy moms.  Trying to file your taxes while the kids are at your feet asking for snacks, telling you they are board and all that fun stuff is not easy.  I know this for a fact!  But you can file at any time of the day so late at night when it’s nice and quiet ( my favorite time of the day) you can sit at the computer and get it all done in one shot!    If your a mom, that is the perfect scenario for you and what’s better then being able to file for free?

And when you Efile you get your money so much faster by eliminating the post office and paper.  Once your file is sent, it’s in the system.  That has to be faster to review then when you send them in by paper.  This is the first  year I am not efiling and I’m sad because I could of had my money by now.  But with the blog I needed to go to an accountant this year and I’m not sure if efiling was even an option.  Maybe I should of asked.

And the second way to file for FREE  is something pretty cool.  All Johnsons file free this year.  Yup you read that right.  If your last name is Johnson you can file your federal return using the Deluxe edition for FREE. Why?  Because the Census Bureau says there are 2,121,489 Johnsons in America.  It’s the second most popular name in the nation.  eSmart’s new spokesperson, Daryl Johnson also shares the name.  Guess we know he’s filing for FREE this year.

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