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There are a LOT of stores in the US and there are a LOT of Frugal Bloggers that cover those stores. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to find all those Frugal Bloggers and Stores?? Well now there is! Today, Bargain Briana introduce The Frugal Map and it’s a map where you can find Frugal Bloggers and Stores all over the US!! Of course not every blogger and store is listed but as time goes buy more and more will be added and this will be a GREAT resource.

The Frugal Map was created to help readers find their perfect blog match. Whether the perfect blog match is by category, store, location, there is a blog out there for your particular style.

I’m excited to say that Frugal Rhode Island Mama is listed on The Frugal Map along with a lot of other great blogs.  Be sure to check it out and if you’d like to submit your blog you can do that HERE.