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Etihad Airways is the second largest airline in the United Arab Emirates and fourth largest in the Middle East. It carries passengers and cargo to destinations throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Of course, we know that flying can be expensive, with the cost of fuel being what it is today, and longer flights will be that much more expensive. So, what are some ways that you can save some money while flying with Etihad Airlines?

  • Look For Deals – There are always deals to be had for any airline, and doing some research will help you find one of those deals. Etihad’s own website provides links to ongoing deals the airline is running that can help save you a some money while you travel. Deals include flights to and from top destinations and prices for economy and business classes. By their very nature, these deals will change over time, depending on the season and traveller demands. In order for you to cash in on these types of promotions, keep checking this website to find the latest deals offered directly from the airline.
  • Use Coupon Codes – Coupon codes are a great way to save money on many items and services found on the Internet. These codes are available to anyone looking for a discount and a search on Google will turn up a number of good deals. The only real problem with coupon codes online is that they can sometimes be out of date. If you show a little persistence, however, you can save some money when shopping for airfare with Etihaid. We found some deals on where they posted deals which could get you 30% off last minute deals and special offers found here.
  • Fly During the Week – If it’s possible, you should try to book your flight on weekdays. This flight availability will obviously fluctuate from place to place, but weekends seem to be the busiest time for travellers. Airlines tend to have lower rates if you are flying between Monday and Thursday, and this can help you save some money on your Etihad flight as well.

There are many ways to save money while travelling, and a little research online can help you a great deal and make your trip with Etihad Airways much less stressful.

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