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Download the FREE Cardstore iPhone App Today!

Real Cards Straight from Your Heart, By Way of Your iPhone! Download the FREE Cardstore iPhone App Today!

I mentioned this yesterday but in case you didn’t see it.  The new Cardstore iPhone App will let you send cards right from your phone.   You can do it on your lunch break, while in line for your morning coffee or at the doctors office while you wait.  Just choose your favorite card, personalize it with a truly you, one-of -a-kind message and pics from your phone, and finish with your own signature. The rest you can leave to Cardstore.  They’ll stamp it, address it, and mail it for you!

The selection of cards will make it fun and simple to find a card for any and every occasion. And get this, you can connect to Facebook reminders and never miss another birthday. Download the FREE Cardstore iPhone app Now and start sending smiles!