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FREE Coffee

Did I get your attention?  I hope so.  For all you coffee lovers out there, you can score a full-size bag of FREE Coffee.  You just have to pay $1 shipping.  I’ll walk you through it below.

Here is how to get your full-size bag of Free Coffee:

You can choose from ground coffee or whole bean, decaf or regular and they have 9 different flavors to choose from.  You do have to pay $1 for shipping and handling and they will ask you if you want to add a 2nd bag for under $8 but you don’t have to buy it.  Just say no.

I paid the $1 shipping fee with PayPal so I didn’t even have to give them my credit card number.  You will have your free coffee in about 7 days.

I received my coffee in less than 7 days!

The Hazelnut Cinnamon is delicious!

Now, this is where you have to pay attention.  You will be signing up for auto-delivery every 3-4 weeks.  But you can cancel before that starts if you don’t want any more coffee.

I want to continue getting coffee

If you want to continue getting home deliveries, do nothing. Starting in about three to four weeks, and each month thereafter, you will receive a fresh batch of four half-pound bags in the blend you selected, at the regular price of $13.95 per bag plus Free Priority Mail® (Total $54.00), billed to the credit card you provided.

I don’t want any more coffee

But if you don’t want any more coffee, all you have to do is cancel.  You can do this in two ways.  You can contact them beforehand to cancel.  Or you can wait until you receive an email from them about 48 hours before they send your next shipment.  They will verify what you want, if you want to change the blend or if you don’t want your shipment at all.

I recommend waiting until after your free coffee has shipped out before you cancel your auto-ship.