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This ends tonight 11/27!!!

Yes, you read that right – FREE Money from ING Direct for this wonderful Black Friday Weekend.  Isn’t that what it’s become, a weekend?  Anyways, ING has a few options where they will give you FREE Money just for opening and account with them.

Here are your options…

  • Open a Kids Savings account and get $27 for FREE –> You should be able to do this for each of your children as long as they don’t already have an account with ING.
  • Open an account for a Teen and get $32 for FREE after they use their bank card within 30 days.  There is no minimum to open the account, as long as they don’t have an account already with ING. The bonus will be deposited on the 35th day.
  • Open an Electric Orange Checking account for yourself and you’ll get up to $107 for FREE!!  You will need to make 5 purchases with your bank card within 45 days and then your bonus will be deposited on the 50th day!

They make it very easy for you to transfer money into your ING account because when you sign up you use your existing checking to make your initial deposit and that links them up so you can transfer between the two very easily!

How simple is that! It’s EASY, FREE money!!! Open your account now!

This offer ends 11/27/11 so HURRY!

Thanks Surviving The Stores!