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The holidays bring good cheer and merriment to all, but they also bring a lot of high-calorie treats and stuffed bellies. Popcorn is the perfect snack for today’s health-conscious host, as it offsets that eggnog cocktail your readers will be sipping on with the in-laws.

As you know, JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is a whole grain, gluten-free snack made with non-GMO popcorn. Full of antioxidants and dietary fiber, popcorn is a great go-to appetizer between meals. JOLLY TIME provides the perfect healthy snack with its new Butter and Butter Light Microwave Pop Corn made with the Smart Balance unique blend of oils, with zero grams of trans fat naturally and absolutely no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.


And for a savory treat to enjoy in moderation, pop up some magic this holiday season and try this family fun holiday recipe Sweet Heat Spiced Corn Crispettes.   There are a lot more great recipes on the Jolly Time website including one for Popcorn Pizza!  My kids would LOVE that one.  We love popcorn and I don’t mind giving it to the kids at all for a snack but I never really thought of doing much with it other than sprinkling on some cheese.  We will have to try some of these recipes over the holiday break.

And I love that Jolly Time is made with whole grain and non-GMO!  Makes me want to purchase this brand even more.

For more recipes and inspiration, check out JOLLY TIME Pop Corn on Pinterest.

Jolly Time sent my family a nice package that contained some Jolly Time Pop Corn and a fun holiday movie!  We love watching movies together and having some popcorn with it.  I don’t think my kids could watch a movie without having some popcorn.  Funny how they relate the two together.    This is the time of year that family time is even more special when we have times like this together.  I know these are the things they will remember growing up and not the chores!  Thanks Jolly Time for helping us make family memories!

About JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn

The American Pop Corn Company of Sioux City, Iowa, is an independent and family owned company that, for nearly 100 years, has produced and marketed JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, the first-ever branded popcorn. JOLLY TIME offers a variety of traditional and microwave popcorn products in grocery stores nationwide and in nearly 40 countries around the globe. It has the only microwave popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers®, in addition to the only microwave popcorn made with the Smart Balance® patented blend of oils. JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is gluten-free and is made using GMO-free popcorn. Learn more at

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